How To Improve Essay Writing?

After all, how to improve your essay writing? Some writing tips can provide the answer to this question. This is a recurring question among speakers. And writing well can be the secret to success in academic and professional life. The answer is not simple. After all, writing well is a skill that we develop throughout our lives, there is no magic formula capable of turning us into excellent writers overnight.

If you want to learn to deal better with the written modality or even improve your knowledge of the language you already have, check out the five writing tips that Brasil Escola has prepared especially for you. Come on?

Writing Tips: How to improve writing?

Tip 1 ► Read more: It is undeniable that those who read more have an easier time with the written modality. That is why at the beginning of this text we stated that there is no magic formula available to transform a person who does not read into a good writer. Writing well is a goal to be achieved, and the best exercise to achieve this linguistic competence is reading. Through reading, we come into contact with the language and its different registers. We learn in practice rules of the standard norm without having to memorize all the normative grammar;

Tip 2 ► Diversify your reading: It is not enough to read anything, you must select what you are going to read. You can read bestsellers, but don’t forget the classics of literature. After all, they are the source texts of all contemporary literature. Also, remember to diversify your reading, that is, don’t get stuck in a single textual genre. Knowing the genres and their characteristics is important for you to identify them. Just as it is important for you to take ownership of their linguistic resources;

Tip 3 ► Don’t forget the reader: Very important tip! What is the main purpose of language, whether oral or written? The communication. If communication does not take place, that is, if the reader cannot understand what you have written, one of the two is wrong. To make sure it’s not your mistake, make sure your text conforms to your target audience. Avoid linguistic fuss, technical terms, and complex syntactic constructions, especially if your reader is an average reader;

Tip 4 ► Punctuation more: A correct punctuation is capable of eliminating long periods, a type of syntactic construction that favors the emergence of ambiguity, an unwanted textual defect in non-literary texts. If you don’t know all the rules for proper punctuation, do the simple exercise of reading your text aloud. By reading your essay, you will certainly understand when and how to score it, which will consequently lead to the elaboration of shorter periods. The short periods can eliminate inconsistencies, besides being a great request for the cohesion of your text;

Tip 5 ► Each paragraph, an idea: Do you know what the paragraph is for? In the structure of the text, the paragraph is responsible for giving a break between one subject and another within the same theme. This means that different ideas should not cohabit in a single paragraph, it must have a central idea developed by secondary ideas that establish a connection with the phrasal topic. If you notice that another central idea has come up, then it’s time to change paragraphs. If, at the end of your text, you still notice that the textual structure has been compromised due to inadequate paragraphing, don’t be too lazy to restructure it. Rewriting is one of the main exercises for anyone who wants to improve writing as well as Improve Academic performance.

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