Why is CBD Primarily Used for Skin?

Unknown to many people, CBD oil isn’t meant for use inside the body alone. The largest body organ – the skin, can also benefit immensely from the use of CBD oil.  

CBD is one of the constituents of hemp, a naturally occurring substance that is proven to offer a series of health effects on humans. It is a magic elixir that has revolutionized the health and wellness industry. Besides helping with a series of illnesses, it has found its way into many products used today, like skincare products.  

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Unknown to many, the cannabis plant shares a striking resemblance to humans in that there are male and female parts. As a result, hemp is the male variation of the cannabis plant, while marijuana is the female version. The hemp plant has a high cannabidiol amount and low THC levels—the THC counterpart and THC in high levels and CBD in low amounts.  

Knowledge of the source of CBD can be beneficial when determining the most helpful CBD product you want to buy 

Variations of CBD Oil 

When you get to the market to buy CBD, you will be offered three types. Here are what each type entails: 

  • CBD Isolate: This is CBD in its purest form without any cannabinoids. Every other naturally occurring substance like terpenes or flavonoids has been removed. 
  • Full-spectrum CBD: this is CBD with other hemp content and little amount of THC. Full-spectrum CBD oil also has other cannabinoids like CBG and other antioxidant compounds. 
  • Broad Spectrum CBD is full-spectrum CBD minus the THC counterpart.  

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are two different entities, even though they are both terrific for use on the skin. While marketers use the name interchangeably, CBD oil is concentrated in cannabidiol, which is best for the skin, while hemp seed oil contains cannabidiol in trace amounts.  

Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters manufactured in the body and attached to the cannabinoid receptors in the body’s nervous system. According to studies, CBD might help reduce inflammation through the activities of the endocannabinoid receptors, which happens by leveraging the CB1 and CB2 receptors.  

Using CBD oil for Skin: How to  

There are many ways to apply CBD oil to the skin. The oil is considered non-comedogenic; in other words, it will hardly block your pores.  

The skin absorbs the oil quickly, and there is a non-greasy feel since it is a dry oil. Here are ideas for using CBD oil on your skin: 

  • Massage a few drops of the oil over your skin or face 
  • Rob on your body as a cream after showering 
  • Use a CBD bath bomb to soak and unwind after a hard day 
  • Apply it in aromatherapy as a carrier oil.  

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Why You Should Use CBD oil on Your Skin  

There are indications that CBD oil can take care of some skin conditions and some skin issues prevalent in people, as discussed below: 

  1. Acne 

Many people develop acne at one point in their life. Acne springs up when the sebum in the skin gets clogged with dirty or dead skin cells. This serves as a pollutant that is trapped inside the pore and clogs it. Ultimately, the user develops acne.  

CBD’s ability to regulate sebum production makes it potent in addressing various forms of acne. Also, it can reduce the creation of oily sebum, indirectly controlling acne. 

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of CBD also helps prevent dirt and pollutants from getting infected. Besides, the oil can trigger anti-inflammatory reactions in the cell, which stops the activation of inflammatory cytokines, thereby reducing acne.  

  1. Can Combat Aging 

The skin is part of the first body organs to manifest signs of aging. Interestingly, CBD oil is pretty helpful in taking care of it.  

Many things exist in our society today that can trigger skin aging. Excessive exposure to UV light from sunlight is one of the major causes. Also, pollution, extreme stress, unhealthy diet, dehydration, and many lifestyle issues make the skin develop visible signs of aging.  

The antioxidant properties of CBD can be incredibly helpful in dealing with these aging signs in the skin. It reduces free radicals that cause havoc in the body. Toxins and other by-products that the body produces, which generate free radicals, also get destroyed. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties can relax the skin and make the wrinkle disappear.  

  1. Improves Skin Hydration 

CBD oil is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. These are potent compounds that revive the skin barrier, which helps form a shield over the skin. This traps moisture and prevents the rate at which the skin loses water. It benefits people who have to deal with rough and patchy skins due to excessive water loss.  

CBD oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can trigger healing in any damaged skin type due to excessive dryness.  

  1. Good for Sensitive Skin 

CBD oil is incredibly soothing which can calm the skin and reduce sensitivity issues. This is a benefit to people that experience redness and skin reactivity. Almost all skin types are adversely affected by environmental stressors. 

However, the soothing properties of CBD can help. Its incredible balance of nutrients alongside other properties helps moisturize and nourish the skin. As a result, no more rough patches, skin peeling, cuts, and cracks.  

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CBD is suitable both for ingestion and for external use. This article has a detailed series of instances where CBD is perfect for use on the skin. It can be the ideal tool to keep your skin in top condition.  

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