Which Credit Card Provides More Reward Points for Spends and Less Redeem Charges for Reward Points

The best reward point credit card offers reward points to the cardholder while using the card to purchase various things. You can redeem these reward points. It can save your hard-earned money while providing the best experience that you get while using a credit card. You can use these best reward credit cards on various popular categories, including merchant store shopping during online shopping. Even one can use credit cards for holidays, travel, or dining. Also, you can earn reward points in bulk. To redeem the accumulated reward points, you can get a variety of options.

The type of credit cards

There are three types of reward credit cards that one can get in India. These types include:

Travel reward credit card

If you have a job that asks you to visit places more often, then getting this credit card would be beneficial in your case. It will allow you to get more discounts and offers while making your travel more finance-friendly. Also, it will help you to save a lot while you are constantly traveling.

Entertainment reward credit card

Individuals who are more into the entertainment side can choose this credit card. It will allow the individual to get discounts and attractive offers while selecting the various options in this category. Those who like to watch movies regularly can apply for an entertainment reward credit card. However, you may also use the card while shopping for something from the departmental stores and grocery stores. 

Dining or shopping reward credit card

This credit card would allow the holder to get reward points while making the transaction during shopping or dining. It helps in the easy accumulation of the reward points.

Getting the maximum rewards benefits

The reward points programs depend upon the credit card. Different credit cards offer different kinds of reward benefits. However, there are some expected benefits that every reward program offers. Some of these include-

Reward on transaction

Account-holders can earn reward points on every transaction done on the credit card. Apart from a few transactions like cash advances, transactions for gold, fees are not applicable for reward points. The cardholder should spend a minimum amount on every transaction to be eligible for earning the reward points. The holder can redeem these points after attaining the cut-off mark.

Milestone rewards

Once the credit card holder reaches any particular milestone, they can get bonus points for reward points. It is one of the best parts of the best reward credit card. The cardholder can earn many points if they can achieve the milestone with respect to any transaction. These credit cards are perfect for those who need to spend a high amount regularly. So, milestone rewards are bulk privileges provided to the cardholders. The credit card issuers can visit rewards portals and redeem their rewards with a few clicks.

Accelerated reward

Account-holders can also earn accelerated points on their credit card if they spend on the selected category. However, the categories are different from one credit card company to another. It is based on the type of credit card that the credit card holder tends to use. For example, co-branded fuel credit cards would provide the cardholder with heavy reward points on any amount of fuel transactions compared to any other transactions. In the case of the co-branded credit cards, the cardholder would get high reward points on any purchase related to the partner’s services or product.

Exciting rewards

After accumulating a certain number of reward points, you can redeem these points. But you need to purchase the goods or services that get listed in the rewards catalog provided by the company. Each financial institution or credit card company has its reward catalog. It consists of apparel, home appliances, electronics, and many more. Some of the credit cards also offer an option that helps the cardholder redeem the points against any outstanding that happens to be there on the credit card.

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