Where Do You Get the Best Marijuana Seeds? 

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in 16 states, growing the herb is now an option for many. Nine states plus the District of Columbia have legalized home-grown cannabis for recreational use, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Vermont (the first state to legalize home-grown marijuana), and Washington, D.C. If you live in any of these places, you can buy marijuana seeds and grow your plants for your consumption. 

Nine states have legalized the growing of medical marijuana, including Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.  

Developing your own marijuana from seeds is an extraordinary method for guaranteeing you get the specific strain you need. Is it true that you are searching for a pot seed bank to get your hands on the best quality Daily Marijuana seeds? Assuming that you addressed indeed, then, at that point, this article is for you. 

Notwithstanding, there are a huge number of different sites that are simply out to bring in cash and could undermine your seed-purchasing experience. That is the reason we have arranged a rundown with probably the best seed banks, alongside their upsides and downsides, that arrangement in great seeds for you. 

Regardless of whether you are just in the preparation and exploring phase of developing, you should look at the accessible choices. The costs are sensible with a germination ensure, and these banks likewise have unimaginable client care. 

It’s never been more straightforward to develop your own weed plant and all you want is a rundown of the best seed banks to begin. 

You can purchase weed seeds on the web and do as such securely, effectively, and at a deal cost. A large portion of the fight however is arranging a rundown of the best-looked into weed seed banks and afterward picking which one appears to be ok for your venture. 

In this conversation, we will list 13 of the best seed bank choices, alongside the advantages and disadvantages of each organization. 

Like recreational marijuana, medical marijuana growing laws are complicated. Be sure to check the laws in your state to be sure you can grow. If so, finding the best marijuana seeds may require some help. Here, you’ll find eight places to buy marijuana seeds from trusted retailer

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) 

Founded in 2012, ILGM, an online seed bank, tops the list of places to get the best marijuana seeds. Proud of its commitment to quality, ILGM offers guaranteed shipping and germination. Selling feminized and auto-flower seeds, ILGM is a newbie fave. Also, ILGM offers high THC strains or high CBD strains, seeds for beginners, grow kits, MJ fertilizer, and seed variety packs. Free shipping, guaranteed delivery, and guaranteed germination make ILGM even a favorite for experienced growers. 

Location: California, USA 

Ships to: Only the USA (until further notice) 

Shipping time to the USA: 2 days shipping, 2-10 days arrival 


With 1,500 seed strains to choose from, Seedsman is renowned for its hard-to-find limited-edition selection of strains. Founded in 2003, Seedsman sells auto-flowering and feminized seeds, growing faster. Additionally, they sell both high THC content and medical marijuana seeds. Seedsman sells its brand of cannabis seeds and seeds from all over the world. He was offering a money-back guarantee; the company ships worldwide.  

Location: Barcelona, Spain 

Ships to: U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Europe, New Zealand 

Shipping time to the USA: Within 3 days of receiving the tracking number 

Crop King Seeds 

If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds from Canada, the best place to go is Crop King Seeds. Crop King Seeds offers better-than-average high-quality sources with an 80 percent germination rate. Its toll-free customer support is an excellent resource for choosing the best seeds for you. Crop King Seeds sells seeds for beginners and experienced growers, including auto-flowering and feminized, fast growers, regular and CBD varieties. Crop King Seeds is a must-try with discreet packaging and free shipping with orders over $200. 

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada 

Ships to: Any country worldwide 

Shipping time to the USA: 2-7 business days anywhere in North America 

Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) 

In 1999, MSNL was an experienced seed bank offering the best discreet packaging and shipping. At MSNL, you’ll get high-quality, dependable seeds. Providing some of the most popular seeds on the market, MSNL sells over 200 strains. Seeds are feminized, auto-flowering, regular, or medicinal. Shipping both domestically and internationally, every order comes with free seeds. Well-known for its Stealth Shipping, MSNL discreetly packages its seeds in an unrelated item. 

Location: London, U.K. (surprisingly) 

Ships to: Worldwide 

Shipping time to the USA: 6-25 working days 

Herbie’s Seeds 

Herbie’s Seeds is a baby company compared to the other seed banks. However, the company makes a list with its standard recommendations for new customers, specials as high as 35 percent off for selected strains, free seeds with every order, and an online support team to answer questions. 

Location: San Vicente, Alicante, Spain 

Ships to: Any country worldwide 

Shipping time to the USA: 24 hours shipping, 3 weeks delivery 

High Supplies 

High Supplies offers high-quality cannabis seeds that are fresh and individually inspected before they’re sold. Their seeds are cultivated in the Netherlands and only come as Hybrids. High Supplies sells regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and medicinal seeds that are discreetly shipped. 

Location: The Netherlands 

Ships to: Worldwide 

Shipping time to the USA: 20-25 days 

Rocket Seeds 

With the fastest shipping available on the market, it’s no wonder the seed bank is called “Rocket Seeds.” A US-based company, Rocket Seeds will work to find any rare request, as they often crossover with other seed banks, such as Crop King Seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden, and Sunwest Genetics, to get exactly what you’re looking for in seeds. Rocket Seeds guarantees delivery with Registered Tracking and germination.  

Location: The Bronx, NY, USA 

Ships to: Worldwide 

Shipping time to the USA: 5-7 business days 

Mary Jane’s Garden 

With a 90 percent successful delivery rate, Mary Jane’s Garden guarantees delivery by tracking every order. Online since 2003, this seed bank has perfected online marijuana seed shopping. Mary Jane’s Garden boasts having the highest quality seeds with only the best ones sent for delivery. Got a problem or need a particular order? Use their customer support line to chat with a team member. 

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

Ships to: Worldwide 

Shipping time to the USA: Same day shipping, 1-3 weeks delivery 


Not all seed companies live up to the reputations of these seed companies. Using this list and conducting your research is the best way to determine which one to make a purchase. Also, always check your state’s marijuana growing laws before ordering for safety. 

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