What Tanks Are Compatible With Vaporesso Swag?

A vape tank is a fundamental component of a vaporizer’s internal anatomy. It’s the bottommost part of a vape device that holds e-juice in place.  

Vape tanks are typically connected to the coils utilizing a wicking material. The e-liquid in the tank soaks up the wick and then moves up the coils by capillary action, where it’s atomized to produce vapor.  

Some vape tanks are single-use, whereas others are reusable. It all depends on the design of your vaporizer.  

As the name implies, single-use vape tanks should be disposed of as soon as the tanks run out of the initially prefilled e-juice. On the other hand, reusable tanks can be used multiple times even after running out of the initial vape oil. You only need to unscrew the device from your vaporizer, clean it up, and refill it with your preferred e-liquid.  

Since vape tanks are an essential accessory, due diligence is paramount when shopping for these devices. This article highlights the specific tanks compatible with Vaporesso Swag. 

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What Is the Vaporesso Swag? 

The Vaporesso Swag is a sleek and compact electronic cigarette (e-cig) noted for its chic design and enhanced functionality. The e-cig is powered by one 18650 batteries, allowing it to produce up to 80 watts worth of output power.  

Another special highlight of the Vaporesso Swag is the tank used. The device comes with an NRG SE Mini tank, classified as a sub-ohm tank. The tank sports an open design and smooth adjustable airflow located at the bottom.  

Now, there are multiple places to buy cheap vape coils online. You can purchase these products from the manufacturer’s official website or the e-commerce website of any reputable vape supplier.  

But as we already mentioned, a lot goes into choosing the best vape tank for you. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the specifications of tanks compatible with the Vaporesso Swag before ordering them. That’s especially if you already own the Vaporesso Swag. 

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What Tanks Are Compatible With The Vaporesso Swag? 

When choosing a vape tank compatible with the Vaporesso Swag, there are several elements to consider. 

Size and Design 

The Vaporesso Swag utilizes a mini tank.  

As you may already know, vape tanks come in all sizes. Each size has its pros and cons.  

Two main parameters are used in classifying a vape tank based on size considerations. They include e-juice capacity and tank dimension.  

One significant benefit of a mini tank is its lightweight. Every vaper would prefer a tank that doesn’t exert unnecessary baggage on the pockets even when full with e-juice. That’s what you get with the Vaporesso Swag.  

With a liquid capacity of about 4 milliliters (varies slightly depending on your mod), you can easily tag your Vaporesso Swag tank wherever you go. Tanks compatible with Vaporesso Swag are small enough to fit into your palm and light enough to tuck into your back pocket. 

Ohm Ratings 

Ohm is a measure of the amount of a vaporizer’s electrical resistance. It’s another crucial consideration when shopping for a vape tank.  

The ohm ratings for many vaporizers range from 2.4 to 2.8, with 2.5 being the ideal ohm for most seasoned vapers.  

If looking for a replacement tank for your Vaporesso Swag, you should consider sub-ohm tanks. Sub-ohm tanks are vape tanks that let you vape with electrical resistance lower than 1 ohm.  

Now, sub-ohm vaping is mainly recommended because it accelerates the amount of current passing from the battery to the coils and down to the vape tank. That produces better vapor production, warmer clouds, and more intense flavors. The net result is a smoother throat hit.  

But as you shop around for a sub-ohm replacement tank for your Vaporesso Swag, remember that these tanks also come with some cons.  

The most notable drawback to sub-ohm tanks is that they drain up your e-liquid much faster. Considering that Vaporesso Swag already supports a relatively smaller vape tank, this can be a problem.  

Sub-ohm tanks also require more powerful batteries to support high-wattage vaping. Fortunately, this can be taken care of by Swag’s powerful 18650 battery. 

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Air Flow 

Airflow is a primary feature of all high-end vaporizers, and Vaporesso Swag is no exception.  

Higher airflow decreases the quantity of e-juice moving up the coils. That’s because the coils will always remain saturated even when the vaporizer is not in use.  

But while higher airflow generally translates to better vapor production, it can diminish flavor production. So, it’s essential to strike the right balance while adjusting your vaporizer’s airflow to ensure the vape device produces optimal vapor and flavor.  

The good news is that the Vaporesso Swag is compatible with adjustable airflow tanks. Adjustable airflow lets you determine the volume of air that flows into your Vaporesso Swag.  

But that’s not all. The airflow in Vaporesso Swag is located at the bottom of the tank. The location makes airflow adjustment even easier.  

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Wrap Up 

Vape tanks compatible with Vaporesso Swag should be small, have adjustable airflow, and support sub-ohm vaping. As a parting shot, also consider tanks that come with an easy bottom-fill design.  

To fill the Vaporesso Swag tank, you simply slide open the top to one side and then administer your e-juice. After filling the tank, slide the top section back.  

It’s also prudent to close the airflow to avoid e-juice leaks. That’s especially considering the airflow in Swag-compatible tanks is located at the bottom of the tank. 

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