The world of digital marketing and social media has taken the front seat when we speak of building a brand. It is some of the most sought-after marketing strategies that is easy to achieve yet involves adequate brain game. 

As Google rolled out two massive changes to its algorithm in 2021, the digital marketing industry took notes. User behaviour is continuously evolving and search engines are fast adapting in response. Whether you are an SEO company in Calgary or in Vancouver, it is imperative to keep up to date with such changes.

What does the year 2022 hold for SEO strategies? Let us take a look.


We have all been a victim of uncorrelated search results. And therefore, Google is continually working towards fine-tuning its algorithm for a better search experience. In order to improve, Google is trying to understand the intricacies of the spoken language and so every SEO company in Calgary should lay focus on understanding vernacular and conversational queries. Google launched LaMDA, a machine learning model to comprehend dialogue. 

To account for this trend, SEO companies in Calgary need to emphasize on optimizing for voice search. 

  • Targeting phrasing: It is a fact that how we type is not how we speak. For instance, if someone is on the lookout for hiking boots, then a typed query may be, ‘best hiking boot s’ buy if it were a verbal query, it would have been, ‘what is the best hiking boot brand?’. 
  • Go short or go home: Users want helpful information fast. So, when optimizing for conversational keywords keep your answers crisp and brief.
  • Vernacular wins: Calgary is some of the most diverse regions in Canada with about 120 spoken languages in the city. Therefore, as an SEO company in Calgary, having a great understanding of the commonly used phrases is a must. 


After many years of anticipation, the Mobile-First Indexing (MFI) was finally rolled out by Google towards the end of March 2021. This means that they will be indexing and ranking mobile-friendly websites first. Earlier, the desktop version was used for indexing but owing to the advent of smartphones the need to mobile-first indexing was realised. 

This effectively means that SEO companies in Calgary and the world over, that work on non-mobile-friendly websites need to take a quick and focus on a smooth UX to rank on top. 

Here’s some things SEO companies in Calgary can do-

  • If you have not already, it is high time to switch to Responsive Web Design (RWD).
  • Incorporate improvements to the page load speed by minimising redirects, optimizing images and videos along with enabling browser caching. 


Search engines will give your articles brownie points if they have pictures, GIFs and videos in it. It is being predicted that for better rankings, SEO companies in Calgary need to give credit to graphics and videos along with curating quality written content. 

It has been noticed that more than half of the internet users rely on videos before making a purchase. Whether someone is planning to buy a product online or wants to go to a physical store, searching for related reviews has become a mandatory pre-shopping task. Reviews are available in written and video form all over the web. So, calling out all the SEO companies in Calgary, make it an important component of your SEO strategy if you have not already!

Some of the new features Google may release are as follows-

  • Clip markup: While watching a video, notice how the person gives a time stamp for particular topics covered by the video so the viewer can jump straight to that part. Well, the clip markup feature will enable you to highlight the key points of the video. This will provide a shortcut to the viewer to jump straight to the desired information. For instance, if you have a video that talks about tips then a clip markup for each tip can be created. 
  • Seek markup: Seek markup will help Google understand how the URL structure works and this will bring to light the key moments of your video automatically.  

Image searching will also be Google’s favourite. For instance, a user took a screenshot of a jacket. Opening this screenshot in Google Photos will help the user find places that jacket could be bought at. All thanks to Google Lens.

Search engines are bracing up to make searching more to-the-point and consumer behaviour is being constantly analysed. As SEO companies in Calgary, focusing on the algorithm changes is the answer to better rankings on Google which will in turn generate better leads for your business. 

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