Ways To Save Money When Buying Commercial Playground Equipment

The fact is that constructing a commercial playground is really expensive. Because they are designed to withstand a lot of use, commercial-grade parts are always more costly. A budget, on the other hand, may easily be stretched in a variety of ways depending on the decisions made. Here are seven strategies to save money when it comes to establishing commercial playground equipment:

Mulch – An Excellent Option

The surface is one of the costliest aspects of the playground. While safety surfacing is a must for public playgrounds, it may be the most expensive part of the project. The budget may be instantly cut by using engineered wood fiber (wood mulch) or rubber mulch. Even though you’ll need to add fences and a geotextile playground equipment material to go below the mulch, it’ll still be less expensive than buying poured-in-place rubber.

Look for Comparable 

When something is popular, businesses will copy it. This works to your benefit because the same type of playground equipment or set of activities may sometimes be found at different pricing points. Consider how many kids are utilizing it and what their age groupings are while you’re searching. Once you’ve found one that meets your criteria, you’ll likely see a slew of other comparable configurations at a variety of prices. Choosing a similar item from a different manufacturer or made of different materials might save you a lot of money.

Swings Should Be Added

The traditional swing set is hard to beat when it comes to outstanding value when putting together a playground. While adding swings to any playground would require a significant amount of area, if you do have the space, this is a cost-effective option. As long as you have the room, you can build a swing set with practically any number of seats. Furthermore, different bays may accommodate various swing styles. Shipping is the one area where you will pay more. Shipping prices are high for swing sets, which are much bigger than other types of playground equipment for sale.

Determine Preferred Activities

While a large structure with a thousand activities may appear to be entertaining, it will be a waste of time and money if children only engage in one or two of the activities on a regular basis. You may save a lot of money if you can figure out which things kids like now as well as which ones they will grow out of. The following are some of the most popular playground activities for children:

  • Slides
  • Bubble Panels
  • Climbers
  • Musical Instruments

Avoid themes 

While themed playgrounds appear to be really fun at first, they gradually become outmoded and become more expensive. The cost of themed playground equipment for sale is usually a few thousand dollars higher than that of a standard playground. Another difficulty is that it might be gender prejudiced accidentally. Even as society progresses toward accepting gender-neutral play, a space-themed or faeries playground may not appeal to as many kids as a simple playground.

This is an alternative for a community with people who can manage the installation as well as a group of others who can assist. Doing the installation, yourself is a great way to save money. As with any other DIY project, you must first determine whether or not this is a realistic alternative. You want this initiative to be a success. You will not save any money if you immediately find that you need a professional installation to assist you. And if you make a mistake, it may cost you extra to rectify it.

Idea of Ordering from the Same Vendor 

You lose the ability to bundle freight charges when you shop from separate sellers. Pallets or crates are used to transport items. When you buy from a single vendor, you usually end up with fewer pallets and crates, which reduces the total weight of the equipment.

This also helps you prepare for installation. If you purchase from many different providers, shipping timeframes may differ by weeks or even months. You will end up spending on storage while you wait, because few individuals have the capacity to store a comprehensive playground.

Free Tip: Make the Most of Your Savings

Creative Recreational Systems will match any competitor’s pricing. If you find a lower price somewhere, let us know and we’ll match it. Get in touch with us today to start saving on your ideal commercial playground equipment!

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