Varieties of Jeans for Men

Jeans are now common and must-have fashion apparel for every man. It has been in the industry for many decades now. With the ever-evolving fashion market, the availability of jeans for men has also acquired many versatilities.

Now you can find varieties of jeans brands and styles, which makes it challenging to find the right fit. If you want to add more styles of jeans to your wardrobe, here are some mentions of different types of jeans.

Top Varieties of Jeans for Men

Classic regular fit jeans

Regular fit jeans are the most classic one, which has been in style for a long time. These denim jeans for men typically fit straight from hips to thighs. They generally come in a mid-rise fit with a large leg opening. Men who are not very big-boned or slim prefer to wear these jeans. This jeans type can suit almost all body types. However, mostly, guys who are not very thick or skinny like to wear such fits. 

Slim fit jeans

As the name suggests, slim-fit jeans have a slender fit that falls from hip to ankle. Although its style shares similarities with skinny jeans, it has more room for the legs. It also has a tapered leg opening. Thus, it doesn’t feel too tight while making you look very smart and sleek. Mostly skinny people prefer to wear these jeans, which is a perfect mix of comfort and style. 

Skinny fit jeans

Skinny jeans are absolutely skinny fit starting from the waist to the ankle. Since these jeans for men feel extremely tight, they don’t provide much mobility to the wearer. However, it’s not very suitable for thick guys, which can feel very uncomfortable. Although you can wear oversized clothes with these jeans to make your frame look balanced. 

Loose fit jeans

Loose jeans are the most comfortable fit, which can suit almost all body frames. However, it’s mostly preferred by big-boned men. Since it has a baggy fit, these jeans would give you maximum breathing room around your thighs and butt. If you sweat too much and don’t like sweat patches on your clothes, loose-fit jeans would be best for you. 

Tapered jeans

Tapered jeans are very comfortable around the thighs but can feel tight as they run towards the ankle. These denim jeans for men are wider at their top part while they get narrow around the bottom part. You can say it is a mix of skinny and straight jeans. Men who have bigger waists and thighs can wear these jeans more comfortably. 

Relaxed fit jeans

Relaxed-fit jeans are ideal for people who have thick thighs to make them feel comfortable. These jeans generally come in mid-rise and high-rise fits. Mostly their hems at the feet come as tapered or above the ankle. These jeans prevent you from sweating a lot, so you would not feel uncomfortable.

Bootcut jeans

As per its name, bootcut jeans are made for wearing over boots, especially cowboy boots. It is western-style pair of jeans that are cut to fit over the boots. From the top part, it runs slim and relaxed, but at the bottom hem, they become flared in a slight manner. Bootcut jeans generally come with a high rise, but the newer styles are also available at low rise. 

Wide-legged jeans

If you want more breathability and comfort along with style in your jeans, then wide-legged jeans are best. These baggy jeans would not present any restriction with mobility. Wide-legged jeans are also called baggy pants. These are the classic hip-hop-style jeans that have evolved in many styles from the 1990s to date.  

Low rise jeans

You must know that the term “rise” is considered as a measurement and fitting with any kind of trousers. Rise is measured as the distance between the crotch and waist. Here the low rise jeans mean the jeans which generally fit from the below waist. These jeans are generally worn by skinny men. Nowadays, these jeans are considered the coolest, making the person look sleek yet casual. 

Mid-rise jeans

Mid-rise jeans fall right at your waist, just above where the low-rise jeans fall. Since these jeans for men don’t quite sit too high or low on the waist, they are considered the ideal type of jeans. People with slim waists prefer to wear mid-rise jeans. However, men who have bigger bones choose to wear high-rise jeans, as they lie comfortably right above the navel. So it prevents any kind of slip-ups. 

Now you have the list of different style jeans for men. The next time you go jeans shopping, hopefully, it will be less troublesome for you to decide on jeans. Jeans are now available in every size, fit, length, and cut. So whichever style you choose, you can surely find your comfortable fit.

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