Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas You’re Going to Totally Heart

Let’s celebrate love! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is time to make your loved ones feel special and also treat yourself. You will see the color “red” all around, from red roses, heart balloons and red silhouettes in every boutique- the town is literally painted red. 

This day is extra special and when you want to celebrate love with your dear ones, you will want the best dresses you can get your hands on. If you are lost as to how to go about selecting your Valentine’s Day dress, then read on. We have some outfit ideas that will make your day! From dreamy dresses to casual outfits that offer effortless style, we have all kinds of styles jotted down for you, so you do not have to stand in front of the closet and think for hours on end about what to wear.

Here are some stylish Valentine’s dress ideas that you’ll surely love!

Red or Not?

Everyone wants to dress up on the day and many go for reds and striking pinks simply because red is the color of love and you want to stick to the colour family. If you search for valentine collection clothing online or otherwise, you will find lots of options in the red color. Though red and pinks always look great on the day and you can get plenty of options in these colors, you do not have to necessarily stick to it. Experiment, and wear what color suits you! You can go for sunny yellows, flirty pinks, refreshing greens, cool blues, deep shades or pastels- whatever your mood dictates. And of course, timeless blacks and whites always look classy.

Valentine’s Day Outfits 2022

Keep it Classy

Go for timeless pieces and fancy formal dresses that spell class. Short sleeves, boxy tops in poplin fabric, or cotton cropped tops in floral print with puff sleeves will look feminine, graceful and perfect for a dinner or a get together with friends or family. Pair the formal shirt with a trousers or a skirt for added flair. These semi formal outfits for ladies are often the favorite of many, who want to keep it subtle. Button down shirts also have a very elegant appeal. They look formal and can be worn with jeans or any trousers. You can simply never go wrong with these shirts! If you want a semi-formal look then pair them with jeans and for a formal look bell bottoms or trousers will do. Even tapered, high-waisted trousers will look good with them. 

The Laid Back Look

If you do not want the all dressed up look and would rather opt for a casual style, there are plenty of low-effort options for you. A kimono top in seersucker fabric will look stylish and feel comfortable as well. You can wear it with jeans and add a bit of jewelry if you want, in case the look is too simple for your taste. This Valentine’s dress will look chic and minimalistic and will make you stand out. 

Petite and pretty

There are more casual formal dresses like tier dresses in cotton fabric that look feminine, stylish and feel so comfortable that you will never want to take them off. The relaxed fitting style is practical and pretty at the same time. These dresses will be perfect for a day out with friends, a brunch and even dinner. Since they are versatile, you can even pair these with contrasting shoes and accessories.

Grand Affair

If 14th February means a grand party, then you have to dress accordingly. Dress like you mean it! Go for the party dresses for women that will make you look like a diva. There are always countless choices when it comes to women’s formal dresses, and around Valentine’s, the shops are flooded with new arrivals designed specifically for the big day. You can select a stylish skirt made in velour pleated fabric or a velour bootcut flared pant in black. Top it with a nice shimmery top, a silk kimono top in a bold color or a nice printed floral top. This combination is an instant winner. A silky pleated dress will also look elegant. High-waisted flared pants are also quite in vogue. Pair them with a nice silk top and you are good to go! Complete the look with stiletto heels and thoughtful details. You can also opt for fancy festive dresses or lace tops. Since the occasion demands dressing up, go all out and do what your heart desires!


Embrace the romance in the air, and make your day memorable with a breathtaking dress. A Valentine special dress should look that way, so let it take center stage. Go for top notch luxurious and beautiful party dresses you had planned to wear on a special occasion.  You can wear bold red lipstick and add sparkling dangling earrings for extra glam and rock the night.  If a toned down look is more of your style, then also you have plenty of options to maintain your individual style. The formal outfits for women available at Sapphire are versatile and unique and sure to meet your personal preference. Just be yourself! And make sure whatever you wear, you wear with confidence. Always select what you feel good in, so you can enjoy your day to the fullest!

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