Top Carpet and Rug Trends of 2022

Whether you are looking to add carpets to your space or planning to freshen up your existing ones, you don’t need to look elsewhere for the latest trends in carpets and rugs. 

As one of the best carpet stores in Calgary, our design specialists have the exact know-how of the latest looks and styles that are trending in 2022. That’s not all, we also mean colours, material, and weaves that you need to look out for this year. 

Read on to get inspired.

Colour-blocked Carpets

Until the last year, the trend was leaning towards single-hued plain colours. This year, colour-blocking is not only popular in clothing but also as an interior trend. Think chunky blocks of bold colours juxtaposed over each other. We are talking about mixing blue and pink, black and gold, and vintage white and black. Though it takes boldness on your part to try this trend, trust us, it is so exciting and fun, that you will not regret it. And the plus is that a colour-blocked carpet in vivid colours makes your space more inviting and fun.

Animal Prints

Certainly not for the faint-hearted, but animal prints in carpets are making a comeback for sure in 2022. They can turn a bland space around into one that makes a super bold statement about your personality. Some of the most popular prints that you can also adorn your space with are cheetah or leopard stripes or even zebra patterns. Those who lean towards flora can try out nature-inspired prints. These are available in prints of large flowers, leaves, butterfly wings, or petals.  

Eco-friendly Fibres

Just like 2021 was about eco-sustainability, 2022 is also seeing Calgary folks going ‘green’. Designers at our carpet store in Calgary love sustainable carpets and how they are great for our environment. But first, what are these eco-friendly parameters? This means whether or not your carpet is made with recycled or renewable material that is easy to regenerate. We are talking recycled nylon, wool and cotton that can be made again and again into new yarn and requires substantially less water and energy to produce. Not just this, you can even find carpets created with used fishnets, plastic bottles and textile waste. This not just makes your carpet a conversation piece but also lets you contribute towards a green planet.


If you also love the cozy chic ambience of country homes, you are going to love this 2022 layering area rug trend as much as we do. And we aren’t talking about just layering one atop the other, you can even layer with 3 rugs and carpets! This is the simplest and the best way to add a lot of texture to your room. To achieve this gorgeous look, don’t hesitate to mix up patterns, colours, and textures. The trick is to mix up complementary elements. For instance, throw a boldly striped rug over a neutral colour carpet. Or, put a circular jute rug over a diamond-checked design carpet. 

Tufted Rugs 

One trend that wins hands down amongst all the design specialists at our carpet store in Calgary is that of fuzzy tufted rugs. Often known as the happy rug, they never fail to add a pop of colour and happiness to any room. These tufted rugs are available in tonnes of designs that are sure to make you smile. These include joyous flowers, muffins, and even cute animal designs. They don’t just feel comfortable under your feet but are also perfect for households with pets. These rugs are sturdy enough to withstand all those claws and paws too!


There is nothing like a vintage-looking carpet to lend your space a cool and classy charm. We aren’t talking about carpets that are old. Instead, these are the ones that just look as if they have lived a long life. Think earthy and rustic prints that are deliberately made in muted colours and patterns. Some of the best vintage rugs to try are those in Turkish and Persian designs. 

Whichever trend out of these that you choose, remember that your carpet must be easy to live with, easy to maintain, and make you feel happy and optimistic about your space. For more such tips and the newest in-season carpet designs, visit our Home Flooring Design Centre at 423 58th Avenue, S.E, Calgary, Alberta, T2HOP5. Our design specialists will be happy to help you. To make an appointment, call us at (403) 984 4100 or email us at [email protected]

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