Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

2021 has been the year of cryptocurrencies.  These currencies have had a wide ride in this year compared to the other years before.  The number of people who have invested in this area continues to grow with every passing day and 2021 has been that year where most records have been broken. 

Despite some warnings from some people, it looks like this kind of currency is here to stay.  The number of people investing in the currency also goes high with every passing day. That said, if you are out there you might be wondering which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.  

Remember, there are quite a number of such currencies.  However, among some of these currencies are those which might not be ideal to just be honest.  In fact, one of the reasons why some people consider the whole idea of cryptocurrencies to be a gamble is because of such currencies.  

Guidance in this regard therefore can be of great help especially for those beginners seeking to invest in this kind of currency for the first time. That said, the text below highlights some of the best cryptocurrencies there are in the world currently.  

If you would like to invest in this kind of currency then the options listed to you in the text below should do for you.  These options are well thought out with the view of helping you get absolute full value out of this investment. The currencies are also tested and proven to be safe meaning anyone can invest in them at any given time.  

  1. Ethereum

It really should not catch anyone by surprise that this currency is top on this list. Ethereum is the backbone of a good number of cryptocurrency projects there are in the whole globe. This kind of currency provides the kind of nutrition people investing in this kind of currency need for growth. 

The good thing with Ethereum is that it does not really need any brokers or even middle exchanges in between.  This aspect of it makes it so easy to trade on this platform and make as many fortunes out of it as there is to be made. 

  1. Uniswap

Uniswap has been ranked second on the list of cryptocurrencies by CoinMarketCap and all this is because of many reasons. In fact, Uniswap is ranked as the second-largest cryptocurrency which is decentralized and has market value as well. 

Defi pulse also reports that Uniswap is also the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of the total locked value. There are many things that make Uniswap the best currency to invest in.  One of these reasons is the fact that it is completely open-source. 

Being this way means it is easy for anyone to copy their codes and then make their own decentralized changes. These reasons among others make Uniswap the best cryptocurrency there is to be invested in by all interested people. 

  1. Bitcoin 

Talk about cryptocurrencies and this name comes up every time.  This perhaps is one of the best-known cryptocurrencies there is.  In fact, there are some people who have never known of any other cryptocurrency other than this one.  

The currency is one of the best there is to be invested in. For any person looking to invest in any such currencies, it is very important you consider investing in this area. It is an area that has proven to pay back well when invested in. 

  1. Solana 

Also on the list of the best cryptocurrencies is Solana which has actually had an eventful year in 2021. The prices of Solana have gone high by 17, 500% something which speaks to its high rise in value.  For any person who wishes to purchase any cryptocurrency and then this should be an ideal option for consideration.  

So many other people are also investing in this area with the investment paying off well. If you feel that you need to stay away from Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies then consider this option. 

  1. Cardano 

This is a third-generation cryptocurrency that makes use of an integration of hallmark features of the first generation. The popularity of Cardano has been going up with every passing day and you can try it out if you wish to try out this venture. 


There are so many types of cryptocurrencies across the world.  However, before investing in any type of cryptocurrency, it is important to carry out your checks perfectly well first of all.  The text above discusses some of the best cryptocurrencies there is in which one can invest. 

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