Playing soccer correctly stops or forces a child to master this skill delicacy and it is the basis for other dance skills that require skill training. and skills that need to be constantly improved.


Balance is the key to training in any sport. for walking around can make playing games more fun, fun, matching jackets

The players who need to train are:

  1. Perform balance and rhythm of using the foot both on the floor and in the air.
  2. Carrying body weight to the big toe. if he touches a child.
  3. Running with basketball techniques, such as running on a corner of a stadium. run places Attend to deceive opponents
  4. Zigzag running to avoid child-rearing or handling


There are the following teaching methods:

  1. Drop down your body weight on the go. The eye touches the ball.
  2. Move the foot where it will go, lead first, then move the other foot faster, eg to the left, take the left foot first. Then step on your right foot.
  3. Use your fingers to touch the floor. It helps to move faster


One of the most important things in มวยไทยออนไลน์  basketball is to build a good relationship or familiarity with basketball, meaning that playing basketball should be able to do as planned. Regardless of the type of ball game, the player’s familiarity with the ball makes him or her with the ball. walking in different directions The movement of the ball is very precise, so players should be as familiar with the ball as possible.

How to get acquainted with soccer

  1. Place your feet on a soccer ball and turn your feet forward-backward, left-to-right, keeping in place. Do both left and right foot.
  2. Do the same with number 1, but move in different directions as well.
  3. Use the bottom of the foot to hit the ball to jump up and down. Using the left or right foot to rotate
  4. Place the inside foot near the side of the basketball ball. Use the inside of the foot to spread over the ball to the other side of the ball. basketball is now off the foot. Then use the outer foot to cut the ball back to the other side as usual. Then learn to switch legs again.
  5. Point the ball with your fingers so that the ball flows in the air. Stop the ball with steps or soles
  6. Foot He hits the ball with his foot, knees, chest, and head.
  7. Do the same with number 6, but walk a longer distance. where football does not fall to the ground


Positioning the child It makes it possible to control and control the ball to move in any direction as needed, such as to kick, pass, shoot, and make the team offensive. to attack the enemy. We can stop a soccer ball with any part of the body. Except for both hands and arms, the description. To stop the ball means to force the ball that comes in different directions down and up to be ours. in order to release the next child as required

There are three principles for stopping the ball:

  1. Which body part will you use to stop the ball?
  2. Go to a place. Stop the ball from floating or rolling on the ground.
  3. Use relaxation techniques. reducing the performance capacity of the ball stop the ball under the foot Try to stop the ball gently, using the soles of your feet to stop the ball. Stopping the sent ball slips to the ground. By opening the toe up to catch the ball in and letting the toes touch the surface of the ball is ready to move on.

Stopping the ball with the inner foot. This method can be used to stop the ball from passing skid or down.

  1. I’m still going on
  2. Place the corner of the foot to stop the ball. By twisting the body along the line floating the ball. Use the inside of the foot to hold the center of the ball. Eliminate the power of error
  3. The ball stand uses three elements: the inside of the foot, the leg, and the top of the field.
  4. Imagine the time the ball hits the foot and the ground at the same time holding the ball firmly.

Behind the ball, This method is used to stop the ball from flying. Keep your head down and your feet up. picking up a ball that is about to drop Lower your legs and feet to reduce strength. eyes focused on the baby Use one of your legs as a support and keep yourself relaxed.

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