The Connection Between Anxiety and Inflammation

I have often said in the past that inflammation is the root of many, if not all, chronic diseases. We know that packaged, processed, counterfeit foods increase inflammation as do vegetable and seed oils, trans fats, gluten, sugar and high fructose corn syrup and minced meat.

However, here is another factor that drives harmful damage that you may find in surprise. Anxiety.

According to Drs. David Hanscom: “Anxiety is a threatening physical reaction. Your whole body burns. You need to reduce anxiety, lower your cytokines, lower that stress response. If your body burns, you will feel anxious.”

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All cells in the body contain cytokines. The word “cytokine” is derived from a combination of two Greek words – “cyto” meaning cell and kinos “meaning movement. Cellular cytokines that target cells assist the cell in cellular response to immune responses and promote cellular movement toward areas of inflammation, infection, and trauma.
By reducing or resolving stress and anxiety, you reduce the levels of inflammatory cytokines. This not only allows your immune system to work better, but it also relieves pain. Anxiety is a symptom of inflammation. Inflammation is a sign of anxiety. A very vicious cycle. They are directly connected.
The solution to anxiety is to control. When you lose control, your body produces more stress hormones, more cytokines, which cause anger and anxiety. If you are angry or depressed, you are always in a state of intimidation. If you suffer from anything, especially chronic pain or blockage in your home due to COVID, you are frustrated, which increases your inflammatory cytokines. Although there are situations that you cannot control, you can learn to control your response to them.

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Prayer, meditation, time in nature, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) all proven, effective ways to deal with anxiety and stress and finding which method works best for you will go a long way in helping you not only reduce stress and inflammation but also support and improve your immune system too.

Your sensitive sensory system (fighting or flying) is activated in response to threats, while your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digestion) is activated in response to relaxation. The vagus nerve is a connection. There are simple ways to activate your vagus nerve, which triggers a relaxing response, such as deep breathing, sniffing, cold showers, probiotics, doing EFT, prayer, meditation, moderate fasting and expressing gratitude.

Because even in the best of times, most people spend their days in a state of constant, unrelenting stress. Compassionate rule weakens what is left and digests, releases toxins from the body and heals the response and many are no longer able to effectively open it when they need it. Another thing to keep in mind is how EMFs affect us all. There is a connection between the vagus nerve.

Since most of your immune system stays in your gut, taking certain steps to keep your digestive system healthy is very important. There is no denying that anxiety and stress interfere with bowel function.

If you are constantly stressed, chances are your vagal function may be compromised. If you simply take steps to support and enhance your vagal tone and deliberately seek ways to reduce anxiety and depression, you will reduce inflammation, which will help improve your immune function.

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