The Benefits of Having a Runner Rug

They say a home is a place your heart is. But I say home is where you can enjoy yourself at the end of the day, where luxury meets comfort. Home decor is a must in its comfort. Moreover, a balanced home Decor attracts everyone. Rugs play a vital role in decorations. Sometimes we ignore narrow spaces and corridors while accessorizing floors. Rectangular and square rugs cannot fit in small limited spaces; runner rugs help with corridors and hallways decor. They fill up narrow spaces, making them beautiful and colorful. Runner rugs are inexpensive and easy to clean, making them perfect for homes with children who make messes regularly. Read more about why it’s important to have one of these rugs below!

Shape Of A Runner Rug

These are rectangular rugs. They are lengthy and less broad. Their long narrow shape makes it an ideal rug for corridors, hallways, and staircases. They are also best for corners. The shape is perfect for tight spaces, and the narrow sides make it hard to walk off of. Runner rugs are more than just a decoration. They can be functional as well – they protect carpets from wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas like hallways or stairs. The top of runner rugs provide a better grip and prevent people from slipping. Their Versatile shape makes it possible to use them in various ways, and they work well for any room. They are the perfect size for a kitchen or entryway, but they can also be used in a hallway. Their durability makes them great for hallways and staircases because of their ability to withstand heavy traffic.

Purpose Of Runner Rug

  • A runner rug fills up confined and dull places in your house. They make the boring place colorful and comfy. 
  • A runner rug can transform your entire living space. When lying on the side of a wall with mirrors, give an alluring look to the room
  • Add a unique statement to the bathroom when used as a bathroom rug. They make the sink and bathtub area stylish. 
  • A soft plush material runner rug on the side of your bed gives a marshy feeling in the morning.
  • A small runner rug is best to use in the kitchen or on the kitchen counters.
  • It is the best rug for small decor apartments and remote places.
  • It is also best for decorating staircases, hallways, and corridors. It adds colors to narrow, long spaces making it trendy. 

How To Pick Perfect Runner Rug

Runner rugs are essential as they cover the ignored dull spaces of your house. They are best for crowded places. They fill up narrow, dull spaces, making them colorful and chic. It protects the floor surface from wear and tear. It gives a designer an impact in gloomy places. Here are some tips to get a perfect runner rug;

  • Measure the place. A rug should be 4 to 5 inches less than the entire space. 
  • Get a rug that balances the entire decor, architecture, and accessories. 
  • The traditional style is more common nowadays. 
  • Geometric, oriental, and floral patterns are best for corridors and hallways. 
  • Synthetic fibers are best to lay in hallways. 

Runner Rug For Outdoor

Runner rugs are best for patio and outdoor areas. A colorful mate style looks fantastic on the patio. Also, a botanical pattern rug looks good in the garden, making it perfect for Sunday afternoon. A vintage or bohemian also looks excellent on the poolside. They look awesome in every part of the home. The design options are versatile; you can choose from different traditional, contemporary designs. They will look unique and special anywhere in the home.

The Perfect Rug for the Hallways and Corridors

Runner rugs are the best option for hallways and corridors. It is a perfect choice to avoid slippery surfaces, especially during the winter months. The runner rug will fit anywhere along the length of your hallway or corridor; there, you can choose from traditional design options such as Persian designs, contemporary patterns, and many more. The flatweave and colorful designs will make a stunning addition to your hallway. An elegant runner rug on the kitchen floor is also an excellent choice to bring warmth and unique charm into any home or office space. 

In Your Bedroom as Well!

Another brilliant idea for runners rugs in bedrooms is to use them under beds, nightstands, dressers, etc. The runner rug will add a nice touch to your bedroom, and you can use it for both practical purposes as well. Since runner’s rugs are machine-made, they’re durable enough that no one should worry about them getting ruined because of the traffic in this area. You can also use the runner rug as a decorative piece for your bed, dresser, or nightstand. Like in other house rooms, an elegant and stylish design will look fantastic no matter how many times you change things around.

In The Bathroom!

A runner rug is also an excellent choice for bathrooms, as it will add a nice touch to the decor of your bathroom, and you can use it for both practical purposes as well. These area rugs are available in various materials, colors, and styles, so you should have no trouble finding the one that fits your bathroom best. The thin pile and flatweave style also makes it easy to keep the runner rug clean and maintain its appearance, especially if you have a marble or wooden floor in your bathroom.

In The Kitchen!

Another brilliant idea for runners rugs is under kitchen cabinets because it will add a nice touch to the decor of your kitchen as well. You can also use them for kitchens, as they are available in various materials and shades. However, if you have a tiled floor, make sure to purchase runners rugs made from materials that will not be slippery, as this can result in accidents.

In The Kids Room!

Children’s rooms are another amazing space where runners’ rugs bring warmth and creativity into lives. In addition to being a comfortable and cozy place where your children can spend their time, the room should also look amazing. You can add a few runners rugs in different colors to make the space more fun and interesting for kids while at the same time, they will be able to enjoy comfort when playing or spending some quality time on their own.

After All, It’s More Than Just Rug!

However, it doesn’t mean that runner rugs are only the things that look good on the floor. They are so much more than this and can help us solve many problems in our life. For example, runner rugs make a great choice for outdoors as well, where they bring beauty to decks and patios/porches while at the same time protecting them from damage due to rain or snow.

In The End 

Your home or office is a place where you spend most of your time, and as such, it deserves to be decorated with everything that can make our lives more comfortable. Runner rugs are not only an attractive addition but also something that will help us feel better every day we step into this space! At RugKnots, you can find an amazing collection of rugs for your home and office.

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