Rigid Cigarette Packaging with an Emphasis on Quality

Cigarettes have a huge consumer population throughout the world. Youth, elders, and senile all are into smoking for various reasons. Many cigarette brands are doing great business in the market. To synchronize with the good quality of the cigarette, the brands are supposed to opt for a quality Rigid Cigarette Packaging. Here we bring our quality services for you to make you stand out among your competitors.

Elegant Boxes Styles

Manufacturing the cigarette boxes with style is our identity. We manufacture variegated boxes to encapsulate the cigarettes with utter safety such as sleeve end boxes, gable boxes, top and bottom tuck end boxes, and tray boxes. For making the boxes, we use rich materials including cardboard, but board, Kraft paper, and clear plastic sheets. The boxes are made in two basic designs, plain boxes, and ones with die-cut window designs. Simple and intricate windows with geometric and floral designs are created using transparent plastic sheets of A-grade. Our adept workers use the finest tools and state-of-the-art machinery to make the chic boxes.

Safe and Healthy Manufacturing Policies

We believe in using safe manufacturing policies. Therefore, we use eco-friendly strategies to produce biodegradable, recyclable, and 101 % guaranteed boxes for the safe Packaging of Cigarettes. Gloss and met finishing treatments are applied to the outer boxes to give them a glazed and fine texture. Partial and full aqueous and UK-coated layers keep the cigarettes safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Not only do we do extra finishing, but also we use aluminum foiling to wrap the cigarettes inside the boxes that keep them unaffected from dirt, pollutants, humidity, and moisture. This way the flavor, aroma, and chemistry of the cigarettes remain intact.

Rigid Cigarette Packaging Boxes Styled With Quotes and Images

Our company takes pride in bringing unique and inspiring cigarette packaging for the cigarette brands. We have a creative team of expert graphic designers who invest in thinking up to date ideas for you. From choosing the colors to selecting relevant images and from opting for the suitable templates to using the best quality inks and techniques, we offer you the top-rated skills and results of Rigid cigarette packaging boxes. Clients are always free to customize their orders as per their will and requirements. We show you the available ideas and you either can select from them or can have your own version. We can add additional features if the client requests them.

Brand Logo and Label Printing

A brand logo is the center of attention. We use standardized printing techniques such as stamping, foiling embossing, and debossing with colors like gold, silver, and metallic. Also, check the Cigarette boxes in USA and Customized cigarette boxes manufactured by us, which will definitely hold your interest. The product label is printed in clear fonts and highly readable style. While designing a cigar red packaging keeping a balance between advertising and health warning is a paramount factor that we take care of quite intelligently. Our rigid cigarette packaging boxes catch the attention of consumers from far away because of their style and vibrancy. On completing your final orders, we always a 3D mock-up model to you for final approval. Any adjustments can be made easily.

Reasonable Prices of Boxes with Rigid Stock Make Them Widely Approachable

We believe in fair and flexible dealing to make the items approachable for all brands, whether newly established or grownups. You can buy our boxes with rigid stock at extremely reasonable rates. Moreover, buying in bulk will entertain you with discount offers.

Safe and Fast Delivery of Custom Rigid Cigarette Boxes At Your Doors

Safe and fast delivery of the orders is our priority. We take complete responsibility from taking the orders to shipping them with care. Large and strong corrugated boxes specially designed for transportation of load are used for safe shipment. Your order of Custom Rigid Cigarette Boxes will take a period of 4 to 8 business days to reach your desired destination. We will not experience any delays in shipping. We keep our promise to our clients worthy of everything.

Place Your Orders Right Now

For placing the orders, pick up your phone and dial the given numbers. Our customer service center is 24/7 active to accommodate the clients. You can call for any queries anytime. Our shipment services are provided throughout the world while anywhere within the USA, we provide free shipment services to our clients.
For more details regarding the packaging offers, keep on visiting the website regularly.

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