Prepare for CBSE Term 2 Exams with CBSE Sample Papers and Question Banks for Classes 10 & 12

CBSE has released the Sample papers for class 10th and 12th on their official website for both the major and minor subjects as decided by the board earlier. 

To finalize your exam readiness Sample papers are of utmost importance. Central Board of Secondary Education has released subject-wise sample papers along with the marking scheme for each subject. We at MTG have released ScoreMore 21 Sample Papers for CBSE Term 2. These are based on the blueprint issued by CBSE. Each question paper consists of subjective type questions viz; Very short answer type, Short answer type, and Long answer type questions of 2, 3, and 5 marks respectively.

Benefits of Solving Sample Papers

  • Understand the exam pattern
  • Increase your precision and accuracy
  • For best revision
  • Manage time
  • Analyzing exam readiness
  1. Understand the exam pattern: CBSE-based Sample papers primarily emphasize changes in paper format from prior exams and provide students with an idea of the kind of question papers they will encounter in their Term 2 exams.
  2.  Increase your precision and accuracy: Completely solved sample papers will assist you in learning how to construct a correct answer point by point, allowing you to achieve a perfect score.
  3. For best revision:  Solving sample papers can assist you in improving your revising skills. The more sample papers you solve, the better prepared you will be for your exam.
  4. Manage time: The CBSE term 2 exams will last two hours and will be done in a subjective manner. You’ll need to practice writing answers in the allotted time. Solving sample papers puts you in an exam-like situation, which will help you manage your time while answering long questions.
  5. Analyzing exam readiness: Solving as many sample papers as possible can also aid you in detecting and assessing your mistakes.

You can improve your results in the Class 12 CBSE term 2 board exams by solving these CBSE-based ScoreMore 21 Sample Papers. As a result, you can concentrate on your errors and achieve a perfect result and better learning.

To ensure success in CBSE term 2 exams it is advised to practice through CBSE class 10 term 2 sample papers and for class 12, which are based on the latest pattern along with the sample papers.

What is a Question Bank?

A question bank is a collection of questions that can be used to identify different types of questions. A question from a question bank is intended to provide students with a clear knowledge of how to prepare for the exam. Also, inform them of the types of questions that will be asked in the exam.

What is the use of a Question Bank?

MTG has recently released a set of CBSE Board Term 2 Question Bank for the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English. Each question bank is based on the latest CBSE Term 2 syllabus consisting of VSA, SA, and LA type of questions with detailed solutions.

After completing a chapter you can practice questions of that chapter from these question banks. It will eventually help you out to learn how to answer various question typologies according to the CBSE marking scheme.

Summing up

Using proper CBSE books, sample papers, and question banks to prepare for the CBSE Term 2 exams for class 12th will help you improve your performance and shine. To succeed in the Term 2 exams, you should concentrate on study resources that cover the NCERT syllabus.

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