Playground Rubber Surfaces: How Long Will They Last?

Whether you’re searching for a playground surface for a new project or modifying an existing playground floor, it’s essential to do your utmost to make sure it’s worth the money. Fortunately, appropriate care is an important component of ensuring that playground rubber surfaces last for extended periods of time.

What Affects Playground Safety Surfacing Wear and Tear?

In an ideal world, playground flooring would last forever. Sadly, this isn’t true. However, by taking the appropriate precautions during installation subsequently, it is exceptionally easy to extend its life.

Effects of Weather on Playground Surfaces

Anything that spends the entire year outside will eventually succumb to the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements. The weather has an effect on playground safety surfacing of various materials throughout time. However, some playground surfaces may last longer and require less care than others.

Wind, rainfall, sunlight, and temperature all have a role in playground surface wear and tear. When deciding on a playground surface, keep in mind how the weather may affect how much or how little upkeep your playground requires. It’s possible that loose-fill components may need to be blown back onto the playground or topped off, and that poured rubber materials will need to be protected from direct sunlight.

Playground surfaces can have a shorter lifespan if they are not properly maintained.

Regular maintenance is the key to extending the life of your playground surface. The way in which preventative maintenance should be carried out varies depending on the playground surface. Take a look at the table below to see how long different types of playground surfaces survive in the play environment.

Playground Surfaces’ Durability

In this article, we’ll look at how long playground surfaces last on average when they’re maintained properly.

Merged Bonded Rubber

In contrast to poured-in-place rubber, bonded rubber surfacing uses crushed rubber fragments. Because of the larger bits of rubber utilized, custom bonded rubber comes in a variety of colours but not designs. Because it can occasionally resemble wood fibres, bonded rubber is ideal for creating a more natural look for pathways, gardens, and playgrounds.

 What is the Life Expectancy of Bonded Rubber?

On-site, a single layer of bonded rubber is poured. It’s recognized for its quick-drying and outstanding drainage. If carefully maintained, bonded rubber should last 6 to 9 years.

Proper Bonded Rubber Maintenance

While bonded rubber may look similar to wood fibres or other natural materials, it does not require the same regular upkeep and maintenance as those materials. Cleaning and inspecting the playground safety surfacing is important after installation.

Maintenance of Bonded Rubber

While bonded rubber resembles wood fibres or other natural materials in appearance, it does not necessitate the same level of care and maintenance as those materials. After installation, it’s crucial to clean and examine the surface.

Poured in Place Rubber

Poured-In-Place Rubber is one of the most popular playground surfacing options. It consists of two primary layers with an attenuating, smooth finish, providing a perfect play surface for kids. It generally comes in a variety of colors and requires less routine upkeep than poured rubber flooring suppliers making it a popular choice for playground surfacing.

Maintenance of Rubber Poured-In-Place

When it comes to after-installation care for your poured-in-place surface, try following the instructions in your service manual. Poured rubber materials are subject to specific criteria that must be followed to ensure that your playground surface lasts as long as possible.

Keeping rocks, dirt, muck, and grime off the playground unitary surface using a blower or by cleaning Poured-In-Place Rubber is an excellent way to keep them off. Gum and human fluids must be removed as part of your playground’s long-term maintenance.

Rubber Mulch

When compared to rubber tiles or poured-in-place rubber surfacing, rubber mulch is a more cost-effective solution for playground equipment. Rubber mulch is made from discarded rubber tires and provides shock absorption to keep children safe from falls.

When It Comes to Rubber Mulch, How Long Does It Last?

Rubber mulch maintains its quality all year. Recycled rubber mulch, unlike wood mulch, is a colourful, long-lasting loose-fill surfacing material solution that can endure for up to ten years if properly managed by topping it up to stay compliant with safety regulations.

Rubber Mulch Care and Maintenance

Playground Rubber Mulch, being a loose-fill surface, necessitates more care when utilized in play areas. Rolling it back in high-traffic areas like swings and slides is necessary to meet fall height requirements, but it does not require top-offs like wood mulch because it does not disintegrate over time.

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