Gojek Clone – Lead The Multi-Service Market With An App Like Gojek

With owning Gojek Clone App, the Ultimate On-Demand Service Platform, you can become a World-Leader! Sounds unreal, right? But the truth is, by offering the right Services ‘Seamlessly’ on just One App, you can capture trust of Billions of People across Continents.  

So, let’s take a look at some of the Most Loved and Preferred On-Demand Services that you can offer through this App.

1.Taxi/Moto Ride

Berkah Kurniawan’s Best Friend from Surakarta has come to his home in Jakarta, Indonesia for the weekend. His friend is all excited to explore the city for the very first time! So, Berkah and his Friend open the Gojek Clone and Book a Moto Ride individually, from Ancol Dreamland to the National Museum. They chose a Moto Ride because they wanted to have their favorite Ikan Bakar and Ketoprak at the Local Street Food Market near Ancol Dreamland. Thus, with Moto Ride’s Eat/Stop/Shop and easy Payment via In-App Wallet, they could spend the entire day roaming across the city. They had a good time together!

2. Food Delivery

Jacob has a sweet tooth! He is always craving for something Sweet after dinner. His Mother has gone out of the City and will return in the morning, so having a Homemade Pie is not an option. He opens the App, and Orders a Pumpkin Pie from Cincinnati’s best Pie Place, the Frisch’s Big Boy. Jacob makes an Online Payment through his Credit Card, and so the Delivery Driver makes a Contactless Delivery by dropping the Package at his Doorstep in just 15 minutes.

3. Grocery Delivery

Stella is all caught up with her work and she thinks she’ll have to stay in the office for 3 hours extra. Well, she remembers that she is out of Groceries. So she quickly opens the On-Demand Multi Services App, and orders Groceries from Farm Goods and Beverages near her home in Glendale, Denver.  Her Grocery list included a bunch of Items like Spinach Noodles, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Red Onions, Sweet baby Lettuce, Tomatoes, etc. However, within 10 minutes of Placing the Order, she got the In-App Notification saying that her Parcel is ready for Dispatch!

She places an Online Order using her Card and via the In-App Voice Notes, she instructed the Delivery Driver to Drop-Off the Package at her Neighbor’s Apartment No. 302 as she’ll come late at night.  

4. Medicine Delivery

Mr. Moore woke up this morning and felt severe pain, scratchiness, and irritation in his throat. He immediately knew what caused this sore throat; well, all the icy Piña Colada he had the night before. He still hesitates to go out and buy his medicines from over-the-counter Medical Stores, so he always gets his medical supplies from Gojek Clone App. And without wasting a minute, Mr. Moore opened the App, and from NuCare Pharmacy near his Residential Address, he ordered 6.0oz Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray Cherry Cherry. The Delivery was made in just 15 minutes!

Well, now he feels much better and is planning to make some Banana Ice-Cream for lunch!  

5. Beauty Services

Lydia’s Sister’s Wedding is on 8th January. And Lydia is the Bridesmaid! Well, she has to look A-Class, but, unfortunately, she is running on a Tight Schedule with all the Wedding Preparations and her Office Timings. So, she books a Beautician through the On-Demand Multi Services App a day before the wedding. She chooses to customize her Service Package which includes:

Full Body Wax = US$110.00

Full Face Waxing = US$25.00

Four Layer Facial = US$70.00


Do you want to own a Smart, Futuristic, and All-In-One Service App? Have you always aspired to become an Entrepreneur but didn’t know how? Well, we have the perfect solution for you – Launch your very own Multi-Service App like Gojek!

Contact a White-Labeling Firm of Global Repute right away and go Live with your App within 7 Business Days!

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