Take your love to the top 10 most romantic places in the world

Top 10 most romantic places in the world for couples

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Easter Island

Easter Island is the little island that no tourist has ever heard about. In 1722, Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen arrived at this uninhabited Polynesian island and claimed it for the Kingdom of Holland. But how does anyone know what to do when they get there? The first thing any visitor should do is listen to the locals because they will most likely have some good ideas about what to do when visiting their local heritage attractions or natural wilderness spots! One of them is Hanga Roa which means “big village” in Rapanui! Here, one can check out various Edo-era artifacts left by Europeans who explored this area before it became barren after intense warfare broke out between different tribes. Another place that tourists can go is Ahu Vai Mata here they watching the sunrise over an ancient ceremonial platform made by the Rapanui people!

Bangkok, Thailand

Having traveled to many different cities of the world on our journey, we know that there are some cities that just come together naturally. Ushuaia is one of them! We first spent some time during our travels in Australia on the breathtaking continent of Tasmania and fell in love with it 100%. We wanted to find more beautiful places like this one on this side of the world so, we looked for another place matching these characteristics. A place known for its immense beauty, size – compared to all other places on earth – and surprisingly how remote it is. Our search came down to two contenders: The first one was at the very tip of South America , the Antarctic Peninsula. But if you’re ready for an adventure together with your loved one but aren’t eager to take away from civilization completely, then Ushuaia fits that mold perfectly .

New York

New York has many lovely scenes that are quite popular for making proposals to loved ones. Where some people may come up with relatively unique places to pop the question, others feel inspired by these scenes instead. For anyone looking to get hitched in one of the top locations in New York, here are some locations that are worth checking out. Central Park is probably one of the most iconic locations for proposals thanks to its wide open green space and proximity to NYC’s gorgeous skyline. The Horse Carriage Ride is another lovely idea for couples who want something that’s a bit quieter but still quite beautiful at night time when lights begin illuminating the cityscape. And finally, an evening on the lake will not only mean sailing on a boat but there’s also a boat cocktail bar where you’ll be able to toast your life ahead together!

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