Live E-commerce Brings a Fun Element and Expected to Improve Sales with Live Shopping 

The pandemic has brought a significant shift in the marketplace from brick and mortar retail to pre-dominance of online e-commerce. Live shopping for e-commerce is an instrumental marketing strategy adopted by influential e-commerce brands and online shopping sites. The live streaming of the product demo and use through live streaming platforms has contributed to the surge of online buyers. According to reports, the integration of live streaming e-commerce apps by brands is expected to grow the Indian e-commerce market to $4 – 5 billion by 2015. 

Live Streaming e-commerce India – A potentially fun and robust marketing strategy

Live streaming is an excellent way to make online shopping fun and an engaging way to promote the products. Brands use a live streaming e-commerce app to live stream the products with a user demonstration of promoting its benefits, which improves the product’s credibility. A CTA link with the live-streamed video encourages live shopping for e-commerce for the customers. It is easy for the brands to add or tag products the video is live-streamed.

Regular online purchases are pretty transactional. Traditionally, buyers purchase online by browsing through the image and product description. However, the space for live streaming e-commerce in India has grown during the pandemic as major brands took to live streaming the product with the help of influencers or user-generated content. Brands can use diversified and flexible video content for live streaming to engage customers. Promoting the product through a story or demonstration of how it is used or can benefit an individual in real-time builds product credibility. 

Live Streaming e-commerce app connects shoppers to sellers 

The live streaming videos for products are interactive and done in real-time, allowing customers to ask questions or make a comment. The space for live streaming e-commerce in India is expanding. Video commerce startups provide software and apps to live stream videos and establish a seamless connection between buyers and sellers. 

The audience’s increase in video consumption highlighted the importance of video streaming to encourage buyers with live shopping for e-commerce. The live streaming of various products by content creators and social media influencers has helped brands to create a sustainable customer profile. With stay-at-home purchases and movement restrictions, live streaming is a way that allows customers to understand a product better and shop live during the video by clicking on the embedded product link. 

Engagement through Visual Content and Collaboration 

Although it is not a suitable method for all products, live video streaming creates higher engagement and sales for products that demand a high level of visualization. The dominance of live shopping for e-commerce results from the effective collaboration among brands, content creators, and the followers of the content creators. Creators act as a bridge for connecting the audience to the brand through a live streaming e-commerce app. It reduces the transaction nature of eCommerce and markets brands with an element of fun. 

Live streaming e-commerce India and its scope of growth 

  • The new-age startups that function as social platforms for e-commerce and live streaming are likely to grow. Brands and small are likely to levitate using live streaming e-commerce apps for live streaming products and add a buy link. 
  • Combining influencer marketing and live streaming is likely to work better for creating a bridge between the buyers and sellers. 
  • Live streaming in English and native language through real-time video will likely influence positive live shopping for e-commerce

Final Words

India is still in the nascent stage of adopting the full-fledged live streaming e-commerce shopping strategy. The more prominent brands like Amazon have built-in live streaming features, but smaller brands have to rely on apps to create the videos. This increases India’s growth and demand for highly functional and streamlined live streaming e-commerce apps. 

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