Leading A Great Hostel Life: Some Fail-Proof Tips

You are happy that you have got a room in the best hostel in pune, and you are all set to start this amazing experience called hostel life. But then your new life as a hostel boarder is going to be way too different from the life you have lived so far. You will have to be more responsible, alert, punctual, and social to spend your hostel life without hiccups. Although there are many things that we can talk about, we will touch upon two most important aspects of hostel life in this article. First, the essentials you will need for a comfortable stay. Secondly, you will learn a few important tips on how to socialize as a hostel boarder. So, why wait? Let’s dive in—

Things that seem less important but you need them for a great hostel experience—

  • Decor items

No pune hostel will allow you to make structural changes to your room. But then there are items you can use to decorate the space without making the hostel authority unhappy. For instance, posters. Posters can be purchased from anywhere at throwaway prices, but they can enhance the beauty of your room significantly.

Many hostels won’t allow you to make holes in the walls for nails. So, you will need another way to hang your decor. You can go for sticky wall mountings and removable adhesive hooks to hang art.

Photographs, wall hangings and other personal items are also great. Avoid buying paintings with heavy frames as they may be difficult to hang.

If your hostel allows it, you can use your own curtains or spring rods. Upholstery and accents can enhance so much about any interior space.

If you have old or unsightly flooring, rugs or carpets can be a great way to beautify it. However, make sure to check with the hostel authority to determine if this is allowed.

  • School supplies

There are certain school supplies you are going to need regardless of your specialization. You will need a calculator, even if you are not a maths student. You can’t escape calculations, after all. Next, is a printer. Even though your college has a printer, you can save a lot of time by printing essays right from your hostel room. 

Your laptop can be used to take notes but studies show that handwriting helps you retain the information better and enhances your understanding of a concept. A good investment would be to buy a set of writing pads, especially if you are required to review notes regularly. You can also pull out pages from them easily. For freshmen, it is always hard to adjust to classes. But little things like school supplies can make learning much easier and enjoyable.

  • Miscellaneous items

It would be awful to find yourself trapped in a building for hours because you forgot to bring an umbrella. You could even get completely soaked on the way to class. You can prepare for unexpected weather changes by always having a multi-fold umbrella in your bag. You should bring a lock if you plan on riding a bike. When you will have to erect your cycle on campus, we are sure you will need it.

Even though a cashbox may not seem like a necessity, it can be used to store valuables and cash. A tool box is also useful for certain situations. It is, in fact, a must if you are bringing furniture to your room. You shouldn’t let the word “miscellaneous” fool you into thinking that these items are less important than the other categories. They are just as important for making your hostel and college life easier.

Amazing tips on how to meet new people and socialize in your new city—

  • Take regular walks

Walking is good for your health, but it’s also good if you want to explore the city on foot. You’ll be able to locate boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops near your new hostel. It’s easier for you to get a feel of the area when you walk through it. Take the time to walk to local shops, popular restaurants, and other public places. Walking is a great way to meet potential friends, and it’s far less a hassle than driving through busy streets.

• Take the Initiative

It’s great to give yourself time to make new friends. You can then find friendly faces at local eateries, in the market, and at the local club. Take a book with you to a local coffee shop and you might just find someone interested to have a discussion over it. You can then talk about things that interest them and that interest you. You will be surprised at how friendly locals of a place are to new people. You may find it difficult to go to restaurants, and concerts in a new city if you’re moving alone. However, once you have made new friends, it’ll be worth it!

• Give yourself some time to adjust

Moving to a different city can cause culture shock. Do not feel overwhelmed. There is no time limit on how long it should take to adapt to a new location. Allow yourself at most one year to become comfortable with your new life. To be comfortable, you need to experience the seasons and the traffic patterns. You also need to learn how to manage your daily life. All this can take time. You can keep anxiety and fear at bay by keeping a positive outlook

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