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There are different perceptions in the minds of individuals regarding online gaming. Some of them consider it as a break from their tiresome work routines. Children look at them as a source of fun. However, a large group of fraudsters considers e-gaming another potential source of money laundering and other illegitimate schemes of things. The robust mechanism of the KYP, (Know Your Player) aids online gaming. And gambling operators to entertain their legitimate customers with an elevated client experience. 

Clients after a long and challenging day or on weekends look towards convenience and comfort. The systematic process of Know Your Player in gaming provides that comfort to customers. During the identity verification or any other compliance procedure gaming operators seamlessly analyze. The ID of clients in no time so they can play their favorite games instantly. Timing is everything in a business which is definitely ensured in facial recognition online.

Brief Overview

In the year 2021, the worldwide have been the size of the e-gaming and gambling market was almost. Around $59 billion dollars which by the end of 2023 is expected to come close to $92.9 billion dollars approximately. The increase in the global market share is directly proportional to the level of risk in the entire game. By practicing verification checks of Know Your Player, concerned online operators can be consistently vigilant and safeguard themselves. In Know Your Player, a global automated system supplied with universal coverage of data. Registers of clients from multiple countries and territories is more than any entity can ask for. 

AI-based authentication checks of the multilingual digital system generate a conclusion in just a few moments, that verification compliance is inevitable from the context of national security as well as protection of vulnerable minors from the online gaming and gambling space.

Impact of Customer Due Diligence in Gaming

The volume of individuals arriving at Las Vegas annually during the holiday season for gambling purposes was definitely not. The case since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not just the casinos but everyone had suffered substantially in the mass crisis. This is where Know Your Player became more integral as due to the pandemic. An enhanced number of players began visiting online games and gambling sites more frequently.

Global compatibility support and substantial customer coverage in the compliance procedure of Know Your Player. In the number of authentication checks is a great deal for e-gaming operators, online casinos, game developers, sponsors, and others. Everyone is positively impacted by the practice of global automated systems in client identification. 

The early access to restricted games before adequate development never proved to be a wise decision. Know Your Player enables online gaming operators to ensure that despite the wrong decision taken by parents, the future of tomorrow stays protected from virtual space. Face recognition technology integrated with the ID document validation guarantees maximum authenticity in the process of Know Your Player in the case of gamers from different jurisdictions. 

The gamer checks are a compulsion, obviously, the impact of online restricted gaming and gambling can’t be compared with cannabis, alcohol, and other similar products. Still, the level of harm it may bring is no secret at all.

Online Gaming Verification with KYC

Every business is a potential source for money launderers and terrorists, whether it is real estate or a freelancing website. Where everyone is in the radius, online gaming and gambling platforms are not an exception. The game of money laundering is at its peak which asks for the practice of Know Your Player. According to a report published by the UK Gambling Commission at the beginning of December 2021, a total of 15 gambling operators had to pay an accumulated sum of £32.1 million. 

The compliance and enforcement report by the commission also stated the suspension of licenses of 5 operators. The ultrafast mechanism of Know Your Player can restrict the game of fraud customers and limit such figures right here. Online gaming verification with following KYC mandates is inevitable. Poor compliance procedures of AML and terrorist financing are not an option in the current landscape. For prevention of fraudulent actions, the systematic process of benefits of facial recognition conducts AI-powered facial scans for legitimate client expansion in just a few seconds making the concerned online gaming or gambling operator immune to any sort of digital scam. 

Wrapping Up

Global market share is expanding and the level of expertise of gaming and gambling operators has to outrun it. The process of Know your Player is mandatory in order to make that possible.

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