Know Which Flower is Meant for Different Anniversary Years

Anniversary is not only an occasion but a day when you and your partner celebrate the years of togetherness. It is a day when you both cherish together thinking how despite several ups and downs, you both remained holding hands of each other. As the occasion is so sentimental, so must be the gift. And nothing can be as sweet and sentimental as flowers. Every wedding anniversary has a meaning adhered with it. Hence, flowers used for this purpose should fit the occasion. So, it is essential to know which flowers to buy for every anniversary.

Tips to Choose Best Anniversary Flowers

When you order anniversary flowers from a flower shop online, you must consider the following:

  • Type: Based on years of marriage, there are specific anniversary flowers. Choose your partner’s favorite blooms.
  • Color: Choose your partner’s favorite color having meaning and symbolism.
  • Number: Roses hold different meanings depending upon the numbers. So, choose wisely.

First Wedding Anniversary

You and your partner have completed the milestone of 1 year together. So, the first anniversary is the mark of the first year’s end growing and adjusting together. Send gifts online to your spouse and give a reason to smile. elect a bouquet that features one of these blossoms for the first anniversary:

  • Orange blossom: These are perfect blooms to reflect purity at the start of the relationship and wishing for good things in the future. It is associated with innocence and good luck. Order it from a flower shop online for easy purchase.
  • Pansy: Though this flower is small and delicate, it depicts a strong foundation that you have built within the first year. Celebrate this moment by sending flowers online.
  • Gold & Yellow shades: Choose flowers that have these warm shades. These colors reflect how hopeful you are for you and your spouse’s future.
  • You can also go for a dendrobium arrangement, or orchids having white blossoms.

Note: Don’t make the mistake of choosing yellow roses, as they are more associated with friendship

Second Anniversary

For celebrating the second anniversary nothing can be as suitable as a gift of the cosmos. These flowers are available in multiple colors and are sweet and romantic. They have a daisy-like appearance with oval petals and yellow clusters in the center. To evoke passion and romance in you and your partner, you can choose for red or maroon color cosmos. Wondering where to avail it? Order it from flower shops online.

Flowers for Third Anniversary

Your love for your partner grows strong as you approach your third anniversary. So, to reflect the token of love choose fuchsia. These flowers are known to show the trust and confidence that you have developed for each other in these three years. These flowers are known as ‘Earrings of the Queen’ or ‘Lady ear drops’ as they beautifully hang from the stems. Send flowers online and never miss the chance to impress your love.

Flowers for Fourth Anniversary

As you approach the fourth year of marriage, your love and relationship bloom. So, celebrate this year with pink, purple, red, and fuchsia-colored geraniums. These beautiful flowers come in stems giving the appearance of a cluster of smaller flowers.

Flowers for Fifth Anniversary

For your fifth wedding anniversary, Daisies are a wonderful choice. These sweet and innocent flowers reflect the strong foundation of love that you and your partner have built together. You can opt to choose white daisies from a flower shop online. Apart from this, select flowers with shades of blue, pink, and turquoise.

10th Anniversary Flower

This year’s anniversary is special and is worth celebrating. Celebrate the decade of togetherness by gifting cheerful yellow blooms of gorgeous daffodils. You can also choose from yellow, orange, and other warm shades to send flowers online.

15th Anniversary Flower

This anniversary deserves an exquisite floral arrangement. A classic and elegant romantic rose bouquet will represent the love that has grown over the years. But, remember that number of roses have different meanings:

  • One rose is a simple way to show your love
  • A dozen roses will show true love in a grand gesture
  • Two dozen roses emphasize how you feel about your partner

Three dozen roses are extravagant that must be given on the 15th anniversary.

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