How Can You Capitalize Instagram Feeds in Marketing?

Home to the people of the digital world, Instagram is a platform where more than a billion people are active every month. Instagram can be considered synonymous with a people’s hangout place. Marketers looking to connect with their audience can easily find a large part of their audience on Instagram. That’s why 73% of marketers use Instagram actively to tap into audience engagement to show their brand presence and directly connect with potential customers. 

One of the most trending and innovative ways marketers are leveraging Instagram feeds is by adding them on websites and in hashtag campaigns through a social media aggregator tool. Such tools can help you collect Instagram feeds smartly, design them into beautiful galleries, and embed them into websites in a few quick steps.

Take your marketing plans to the next level with social media aggregator tools and Instagram feed integration.

Ways to Capitalize Instagram Feeds in Marketing

Enhance Website Presentation

Making any of your marketing touchpoints’ visuals look good is important. And websites are one of the first points where official interaction between the brand and customers takes place. Marketers need to ensure that the website presentation is easy to navigate and engaging for the visitors.

Websites usually have a very basic or complex structure that lacks engagement points to hold the audience’s attention. But you can add Instagram feeds to your website to make it more engaging for your audience. It will help you add a touch of creativity and credibility to your website. The widget tools even allow you to design the Instagram widget to match your website interface and make it creative. If the customization features of the widget tool aren’t sufficient for you, then you can even use the Custom CSS option. Custom CSS means that you can create and add special website codes to enhance the Instagram widget presentation.

Bring Instagram’s Creativity to Marketing Content

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform because people love to interact with engaging and creative content on the platform. You can bring this creativity to your marketing campaigns by making aesthetically beautiful Instagram feeds and adding them to different marketing touchpoints like websites, hashtag campaigns. It will boost your website’s engagement rate. 

If your customers or fandoms make creative content for your brand on Instagram, then you can leverage it by using social media aggregator tools. You can use their Instagram photos and videos for your UGC galleries. Embedding these UGC galleries will make your website content creative and update it regularly, showing new content to your audience.

Collect the most creative user-generated content from Instagram, design and moderate the widget to make an aesthetically pleasing feed, and embed it to your website.

Make Call to Action Button Actionable

The most important link to convert the leads into customers is the CTA. Marketers strive to make it engaging and actionable, but it’s difficult when they fail to create that connection with the audience. Using social media aggregators is an effective solution to this problem. Your Instagram feed will help you create that missing connection with the leads. With the Instagram widget tool, you can add a good CTA button with the Instagram posts. It will help you engage your audience with Instagram posts and make them take action with the strong CTA.

Get Audience Analytics

Instagram analytics is a great tool that helps you plan your marketing strategy in the right direction. You can use the analytics to understand your audience and how they are responding to your Instagram feeds. 

If you are using social media aggregator tools to add Instagram feeds to your website, it’s even better. You get audience analytics of the Instagram widget. It will help you see how your website visitors are interacting with your website’s Instagram widget.

Ensure Best Content Display with Filters

Anything that you show to your target audience is of the utmost importance, and you must ensure that the content is of premium quality. If you are adding an Instagram feed to your website, it can be difficult to select and pick posts. But you can easily sort this issue with the advanced features of social media aggregators. These tools offer filters that help you segregate useful and relevant UGC easily. You can automatically filter negative posts and display only the best ones on your website.

Final Thoughts

Marketing today is rapidly revamping with new trends. You need to stay up-to-date with them to relate with your audience. One way to do this is using Instagram feeds in marketing. Instagram is flooded with content, and something new comes up every day that becomes the topic of discussion. 

If you add Instagram feeds to your marketing, it means that you can cash in on the free and engaging content very easily. Don’t wait. Add the Instagram feed to your website and see the results for yourself.

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