General Hygiene Practices at Restaurants Serving Burrata Cheese

When people go to a restaurant, along with the taste of the food, they consider the place’s cleanliness. The food served at the restaurants has different Italian ingredients, including Burrata Cheese; they have to be served hygienically.

Why Maintaining Hygiene is Important when Serving Burrata Cheese?

There are many reasons restaurants should maintain hygiene in the kitchen and serving area. These reasons include;

  • Staff members maintain the general cleanliness of the kitchen and dining area.
  • Restaurants are serving hygienic food and avoiding cross-contamination.
  • The hygienic practices build the good reputation of the restaurant.

4 Basic Steps to Maintain Hygiene in Restaurants

When the restaurant management is trying to maintain cleanliness, they have to follow four basic steps.

  • The first step is to thoroughly clean and dust off the dirt from everything. This includes mopping the floor and wiping the surfaces with a dry cloth.
  • The next step is to wash the linen covering the tables and chairs. Also, it is vital to thoroughly wash all cooking utensils with liquid soap and let them dry.
  • The third step is to sanitize the surfaces of the tables and counters and apply them to the doorknobs and chairs. 
  • Lastly, using alcohol-based disinfectants on everything in the restaurant is vital.

Personal Hygiene Recommendations for Restaurant Staff

Hygiene of the things and the restaurant staff should be maintained. When the restaurant staff keeps their hygiene, they will serve correctly. Otherwise, there will be hair in the food served.

Washing Hands More Often

Washing hands with soap and water will eliminate a majority of germs. Chefs and waiters should wash their hands before cooking and serving food, respectively. Washing hands is a good way to keep germs and especially Coronavirus away.

Wearing Proper Kitchen Clothing

The proper clothing suggested for the chefs includes a chefs’ cap, latex gloves, kitchen apron, and a face mask if necessary. These clothing protocols have to be followed at all times at Burrata restaurant. Wearing the right clothes will reduce the risk of contaminating the ingredients.

Nails and Hair Should be Trimmed

Many things can get stuck under long fingernails, which is the cause of different illnesses. Also, the restaurant’s reputation will decrease if a strand of hair is discovered in the food. So, the kitchen staff and the waiters and waitresses should trim their hair and nails.

Avoid Wearing Strong Fragrances

The chefs will not be able to smell the dishes they have prepared if they or other people are wearing perfume, aftershave, or nail polish having a strong smell. The staff at various restaurants, including Burrata House, should not use these.

Hair Are Tied Up Properly

Whether the female staff is working in the kitchen or serving food in the dining area should tie up and cover their hair because they are long. The staff members who have shorter hair should cover their heads by tucking them in.

Ways to Store Ingredients

Another way of keeping hygiene maintained is by knowing the ways of storing the ingredients. By practicing the exercises mentioned in the points below, you can avoid the threat of cross-contamination. Also, the food prepared will be hygienically fresh.

Meat Should Be Stored and Prepared Separately

Whatever meat the restaurant is using has little smell, but this smell often increases if the meat is left unused for a couple of days. The odor of rotten meat should not be confused with this smell. The utensils used to prepare the meat, and the containers should be kept separate; so that the smell is not infused in other things and ingredients.

Label all Containers

There are ingredients like castor sugar and refined salt that appear more or less the same. Labeling of all the containers should be done to avoid confusion between ingredients. 

Keep Ingredients in Cupboards

The chefs often forget to place the containers with ingredients back in the cupboard. This is dangerous because insects and other small animals crawl around can damage the ingredients lying around. So, always keep the containers in a cupboard.

By following all of the points mentioned above, restaurants can serve food, especially Burrata Cheese, hygienically.

Here are three questions that will help you understand why it is important to maintain hygiene and who is responsible for cleanliness in the restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is personal hygiene important in a restaurant?

There are three reasons why the personal hygiene of staff members is important in a restaurant. These include maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and dining area, avoiding cross-contamination, serving hygienic food, and boosting the restaurant’s good reputation.

Who in a restaurant is responsible for maintaining basic hygiene?

All staff members, including the chefs, waiters, waitresses, and even the management, are responsible for maintaining the basic hygiene of the restaurant.

What are the 3 types of hygiene?

The restaurant serving Burrata Cheese should maintain hygiene in three ways: through personal hygiene of the staff members, then maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and dining area, and disposing of the garbage safely.

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