How To Select Diabetic Socks For Your Health

People who have diabetes must be careful in choosing the right kind of socks. Socks made of 100% cotton can become abrasive when they become wet. They irritate the feet and make people feel uncomfortable. Diabetic socks play a critical role in dealing with wounds caused by diabetics and other foot problems. Diabetic patients can buy diabetic socks online and protect their feet. The socks have a seamless design, wick away moisture, and relieve the pressure of the feet. Choosing the right socks helps in keeping the feet healthy and comfortable.

Tips for selecting diabetic socks

Cotton is a very soft material, but the ideal socks for diabetic people are cotton blend and not 100% pure cotton. Moreover, pure cotton socks wear out quickly and are less durable. Cotton irritates the skin and causes sores and blisters.

Moisture-wicking socks help people with diabetes to keep their feet dry. Sweaty wet feet become a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections, and fungal infections damage the feet seriously. Moisture-wicking socks are made of lightweight fibres and speed up the evaporation of sweat.

Socks should not have bands that are tight as they decrease the circulation of blood. Reduced blood circulation can lengthen the healing process of the blisters and wounds in the feet. Diabetic socks have non-binding bands that improve blood circulation and help wounds to heal quickly.

Seamless socks provide a snug fit without irritating the feet. In regular socks, the thread from the seams can irritate the toes and cause blisters. Seamless socks are ideal for people with diabetes because they do not bunch up or wrinkle and prevent skin irritation.

Some people with diabetes have swollen feet, and they need compression socks to improve valve functioning and quicken the blood flow to the feet. Compression therapy is effective in increasing blood circulation and keeping feet healthy.

If people want to wear socks every day, proper care is needed to maintain them in good condition. It is best to wash the socks in a mesh laundry bag and air-dry them. Harsh detergents and chemical bleach will damage the socks; they are not used while washing. The socks need to be checked often for holes and tears and replaced regularly.

Buying socks online

Diabetic socks are bought easily from pharmacies, stores and online shopping sites. They are affordable and are available in all sizes and price ranges. Several socks designs are available in online stores rather than physical stores. Knowing the right size is essential when people opt to buy socks online. With a range of socks in varying sizes and prices, it is not easy to choose one quickly. The local stores may have only a limited range, but online stores have a broader range to suit everyone’s needs.

It is crucial to buy socks of the right size because they won’t give the expected benefits when they are too loose or tight. Right socks would restrict the blood circulation to the feet, and loose socks cannot protect the feet from blisters and sores. Each manufacturer has its proprietary sizing, and it is better to view the measurements well before a person decides to buy diabetic socks online.

Diabetic socks are specially designed for diabetes, neuropathy, circulation issues and other foot health problems. They offer comfort, ventilation and arch support. Online stores have extra-large sizes for people who have enlarged or swollen feet. Socks specially made for people with diabetes help them manage their feet problems effectively.

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