How to Repair or Install a New Furnace Pipe?

A furnace pipe will be able to direct the poisonous products of the combustion out from your home. Then these toxic products will be gone from the furnace to the chimney. Gasses that are exhausted from it will be moisture-laden and heat. Furnace pipe will be made up from the galvanized ductwork; it can rust once the galvanized coatings break down. When a furnace pipe is corroded, poisonous gas will be invaded in your homes, so that it will be best to replace the pipe when you are returning the damaged piping before it can corrode completely. 

Suppose you notice that the furnace is not heating your home properly and your home’s heating bills are increased. Then, you have to examine your pipe and flue. The exhaust stack of the furnace is also known as the flue, vent homes, and the carbon monoxide will be safely kept away from the interior of your home when you are heating your home. With time, the galvanized pipe will corrode and rust. When you observe that the pipe is rusting, this is a sign of a need to replace that pipe. If you keep it left untreated, there is a risk of smoke leaking and the leakage of dangerous gasses into your home.

In addition to this, it is considered that the replacement of a flue pipe is a very complicated process. This process could only be done only through handy professional workers. During the replacement, if any mistake occurs, it can cause toxic gasses into your homes. Modernized studies suggest that there is a need to replace the pipe do contact with the professionals that are air duct cleaning, Dunwoody. But, if you think that you are capable enough to replace your pipe, then there are the steps.

Furnace Repairing Steps

Steps to repair your furnace and replace it with a new furnace pipe will be: 


To repair your furnace, you first have to turn it off. It can be able to prevent flue gasses from entering your home during its repair.


Then, you have to remove the flue pipe that is damaged out from the piping system with the help of putting each connection apart.


To replace the damaged pipe with the new line, you have to measure the length of the tube and then cut the pipe. So, that crump the one end with the help of a pipe crimper.


Then attach the new pipe to where the damaged flue pipe is cut off. Then, put all the connections of the line together.


In the end, you have to install three to four metal sheet screws at each connection with the help of high-temperature silicone caulk. Then after replacing it, there is a need to clean your system so, do contact with HVAC cleaning, Dunwoody

How to install a pipe or furnace?

Using the furnace to make your home warm is a very good step in the cold weather. Before installing it, you have to learn about all the pros and cons. Those pipes are also known as the exhaust pipes. It can be very important to keep the furnace’s proper functioning and keep it warm during the cold season. 

Steps to install a new furnace will be given below:

Step#1: Taking measurements:

First, we have to take measurements from the furnace to the chimney. At that place, a connection with the vent is already made where the previous pipe is attached. 

Step#2: Purchasing supplies:

Then, you have to purchase some elbows and a single-walled galvanized pipe. There is a need for 1 inch galvanized hanger strap available in your local home improvement store. You can use it to make your pipe for the furnace. If you feel that cutting the flue is required, you have to purchase a pipe crimper.

Step#3: Making your furnace exhaust: 

You can make your furnace exhaust flue by inserting all the pipes’ crimped end into the lines’ non-crimped end. These connections will hold together with the help of almost four metal sheet screws.

 At the starting point of the furnace, install the pipe to the end of the chimney. If the pipe is longer, cut it to fit it appropriately. The end of the pipe you cut, crimp that end with the help of a pipe crimper. 

Step#4: Secure the furnace exhaust: 

With the help of the 1 inch galvanized hanger strap, you have to hang that pipes with the ceiling joists. After turning it, screw the one end of the hanger strap with the ceiling joists and then loop it all around the pipe. Then, move the other end of that strap up to the joists where you want to attach them.

 In addition to this, if the strap is longer, cut it off and screw the end of the belt with the ceiling. Make sure that the flue pipe will hang in the middle of the hanger, and its appearance will look like the letter U.

When the process is completed, there is a need for cleaning. If there is only a need to clean the duct, you have to contact the MMI. But, if you feel that there is a need for cleaning the entire system. But, you are not able to clean the system itself. Then, you have to contact professionals for the HVAC cleaning. 


You can use it to make your home warm. The byproduct used in it is very toxic and is carbon monoxide. Because this product is very harmful, there is a need to remove it from the house safely. That removal will be done through the furnace exhaust flue. Steps of the working are:

  • It is able to burn natural gas with combustion. It is also creating byproducts that are carbon monoxide and are very toxic.
  • Inside it, a metal tube or something is attached, known as a damper. It will use to regulate the air pressure from the inside of the furnace to the outside of the house. 

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