How to Open .mbox File? Problem During Viewing Emails?

These MBOX files can be displayed in four of the known application software, in general, Mozilla was developed by Mozilla Thunderbird has been used is. Install Ad On ImportExport NG. This plugin is used to open MBOX file and view emails. Also you can convert mbox file to eml files and import .eml files in Thunderbird to view emails. Although associated with one primary file format, the E-mail Mailbox format is common. Most MBOX files are classified as Data Files .

Tip: You can select another MBOX-related program like Mozilla Thunderbird, eM Client, Xtraxtor Email Viewer. Or install MBOX Converter to export emails from MBOX file to PDF, TXT, DOC or HTML format to display or view emails.

You can view MBOX files using Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Commonly found on desktop (and some mobile) devices, these files can be viewed, some with editing capabilities. The percentage of usage is “low” and these files are not commonly used by the average user.

Want to know more about MBOX file extension? We recommend that you refer to the detailed file information below for software that opens MBOX files and other troubleshooting tips.

This type of file is used in a variety of email applications. It contains a group of emails that can be viewed individually. The files have been replaced with .DBX and MBOX files in modern email applications.

Common problems with opening MBOX files

When you double-click an MBOX file, the operating system may display a dialog box that says “This file type cannot be opened .” This usually means that Mozilla Thunderbird is not installed on Windows 10. You can’t double-click to open MBOX because you don’t know what to do with your OS.

The installed version of Mozilla Thunderbird is incorrect

In some cases, the installed version of Mozilla Thunderbird may not support E-mail Mailbox files. If you don’t have the right version, you’ll need to download a newer version of Mozilla Thunderbird. This issue mainly occurs when the E-mail Mailbox file is created with a newer version of Mozilla Thunderbird than on the PC.

Tip: Right-click on the MBOX file and select Properties to find the version of the clue you need.

Summary: In either case, most problems with opening MBOX files are related to not having the correct application software installed on your computer.

Other Causes of Problems Opening MBOX

Even if you have the correct version of Mozilla Thunderbird installed, you may still have problems opening your MBOX. Problems with other systems inside Windows 10 can create errors that open other MBOXes. These issues are:

  • The MBOX Windows registry file path reference is corrupted
  • Restore Google Takeout to Gmail using Thunderbird
  • Accidental deletion of Windows registry MBOX description
  • Partial installation of Mozilla Thunderbird that was not completely completed
  • Something caused the MBOX files to get corrupted
  • MBOX is being adversely affected by malware
  • Drivers related to MBOX software need to be updated
  • Unable to read %% file_typ %% file due to lack of resources (eg ram)

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