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Want to reach the weight loss target? Now 70% of the employees are working from home mode. The lack of activity and the lack of exercise are leading to huge weight gain. But we agree with the point that excessive weight is leading to serious health issues. Now only looking good along with good looking weight loss is helping you to maintain a fit and active body. So it is always better to maintain a diet routine and lose some weight.

If you want to lose weight within a few days, healthy diet routines and exercise training are the only way.

Then let’s see how to lose weight in just a single month.

6 Easy Ways Which Promises Faster Weight Loss

Are you tired of trying various ways to lose weight but in the end find no result? Weight loss is not very hard work. You have to follow some specific clever strategies promising a faster weight loss.

Here are six ways that you have to follow for faster weight loss.

  1. Cut Back The Refined Sugar And Carbs

Processed food and beverages are leading to excessive weight loss. The regular packed food and the beverages are loaded with sugar and carbs. If you like to take the carbs, then take them home-cooked.

To lose weight in a single month. First, you have to cut down on all the saturated sugar and carbs from the foods. The refined carbs are faster absorbent in your bloodstream. After you consume it within a few seconds, it will go into your bloodstream within a short time and increase your sugar spike. 

As a result, your hunger increases, and you start to consume more. So cutting down the refined sugar and carbs leads to faster weight loss.

  1. Count Calories

Before taking any meals, always count down your calorie intake. For better calorie count, you can use the calorie calculator app. And count the calories from every meal. Continuing the calorie intake is always effective. Along with the calorie, measure the weight with the weight watcher scale daily.

Your dietitian instructed you to take a fixed amount of calories. And if you are crossing the calories amount through the calorie calculator and the weight watcher scale, you will have to do the required exercise to burn that amount of excess calories. For faster weight loss, you have to count the calories from every meal.

  1. Do Cardio

From every activity, slow jogging and cardio are the best exercises that are suitable for faster weight loss. Cardio is increasing your heart rate and burning excess calories. Along with the calorie-burning, it will also strengthen your heart and lungs capacity. In addition, cardio and regular jogging cuts off the excess body fat and build up your muscle strength.

Only 40 minutes of regular cardio exercises are enough to lose 400 to 600 calories. Therefore, if you like to lose weight within a single month, it is better to shift to a regular cardio exercise routine. Along with the cardio, you can add boxing, biking, and swimming to your regular physical activity routine. All of these excises are pretty adventurous. These exercises are making your dull activity routine energetic.

  1. Be A Slow Eater

Slow eaters often gain fewer calories. Take time to chew down your food. And enjoy the taste of the food rather than just taking it. When you eat slowly, the hormone secretion is getting more regular. And these hormone secretions are responsible for faster weight loss.

Another big and easy trick is just to drink a full glass of water before starting your meals. When you start to take the meals with smaller bites, the digestive system improves. The scientific research shows clear indications that slow eaters gain less weight, and the fullness is controlling your food consumption.

  1. High-Protein Fiber Enrich Breakfast

You have to discard the high amount of carbs and sugar intake. And add a higher amount of protein and fiber to your daily breakfast routine. Along with the calorie intake, you also have to follow the right timing to take the meals. This means along with the calories. You also have to follow the correct food-taking time.

Your breakfast should be higher in calories. According to science, our digestive system is most active during breakfast timing. Morning time from 7 a.m to 10 a.m, our digestive system is in the most active state. If you like to lose weight faster, you always have to take a significant portion of food during breakfast. And minimum in supper.

  1. Take Enough Sleep At Night

Mid-night snacks are another culprit of weight loss and fat consumption. For faster weight loss, your routine is the only thing that is keeping your body fit and active. The proper sleep amount is keeping your skin glowy and vibrant. For faster weight loss, you have to take your supper or dinner at least one hour before your sleep.

After food consumption, sleep is very harmful to health. So you have to give your system at least one hour after completing your breakfast. Then, you can use specific meditative essential oils for better sleep and uninterrupted rest. The essential oil’s aromatic fragrances keep your nerves relaxed and promote your sleep quality.


These six tips sound familiar, but when you are planning to lose weight faster, these tips are pretty compelling. Follow these easy tricks. And I can guarantee within the first 15 days of the month. You will find noticeable differences in your body. And do not forget to drink plenty of water to get a better digestive system.

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