How to Ensure Site Safety by Installing Temporary Fencing?

Whether yours is an infrastructure project, construction site, or residential building, temporary fencing is one of the most essential investments. Also, known as mobile fencing, this type of fencing is not just durable but also easy to install and move when required. After all, who wants to deal with potential problems such as property damage, injuries to employees or the public, theft, pilferage, or vandalism?

This is what makes temporary fence panels vital for your property. So, how do you ensure that you gain the benefits of temporary fencing? 

Installing this fencing is not difficult, but it needs to be done correctly to keep your property secure. Here is how you can ensure that your fencing is serving the purpose for which it is installed:

Assess the Gradient

While temporary fencing requires a level and sturdy ground for installation, not every project, construction site, or residential property has a flat surface. And this poses a challenge while installing the fencing. Naturally, a fence installed on an even area will be structurally stronger as against the fencing done on uneven pot-holed or wet ground. To tackle this, we advise that you get your fence installed on a sunny day to avoid letting slush and mud make the installation process difficult. Checking the weather for strong gusts of wind also helps. Never hurry while installing the fence. Take time to study your space and find the most levelled and solid foundations that will support your fence properly.

Know the Installation Area

It is essential to map out the area where you plan to install the fence. This helps you in two ways. One, you are assured about securing every nook and cranny of your property. Two, you know the exact amount of temporary fence to rent. Once you know where the fencing will go, mark the entire area using paint or cones. This helps in letting you visualize how the fence will look like and also keeps prying eyes away. 

Set the Base

Once you have assessed the perimeter correctly and zeroed the installation down to a clear day, it’s time for setting up the base of your temporary construction fencing. But before you do that, it is important to make sure if you have all the right materials and tools. You will need spanners, clamps, brackets, strays, bolts, and nuts, not to mention your temporary fence panels. The most important amongst these is the base, which helps keep the panels securely in their place. The panels go inside these blocks throughout the fencing perimeter area.

Do Fence Clamping

The importance of clamping your fence cannot be stressed enough. A fence clamp is essential to stabilize the fence and prevent it from shaking, especially on windy days. Your entire temporary fencing panel around the entire parameter will be clamped. Install one panel at a time and link these using fence clamps.

Put up Safety Stays

Safety stays work like anchors in keeping your temporary fencing upright. They ensure that your fence is stable and secures your premise. These stays are installed once the entire fencing has been laid out. They get connected to the back of the panels through brackets usually near the middle or end. We advise that to add more strength to the safety stays, keep them weighed down with sandbags. 

Wrap the Fence

You need wrapping around your temporary fencing panel, especially if it is done around a construction site. This prevents dust and debris from moving out of the site. Your fencing rental company will be able to help you decide on the best wrapping depending on your needs. The most commonly used wrappings include options such as mesh, banner mesh, and cloth rolls. 

Inspect Regularly

Temporary fencing can shift over time. This happens due to rains or heavy storms. Inspecting it regularly helps you ensure that the fence is in a good condition and not creating problems for the people around. You should specifically look for weeds, sandbag bursts, or toppled fencing. 

On a special note, fencing, especially in tougher terrains, must be done by qualified and experienced fencing specialists. At Battlefield Supply, we have experience of more than 2 decades of not just offering high-quality temporary construction fencing solutions but also offering 24-hour deliveries and seamless setups in the Calgary area. Call our customer service team at 403-700-5922 or drop in at 255185 Rg Rd 280 Delacour, Ab to know get your free quote and service advice. 

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