How to Deliver CBD Products Safely with Custom Printed Shipping Boxes?

Custom printed shipping boxes are a staple of the e-commerce industry. Almost 95% of all goods in the U.S. are packaged and shipped in customized packages. This is a clear indication of customers’ and sellers’ packaging inclinations.

But do you truly understand what shipping boxes are? What they are made of? And when and why they are used?

When was shipping packaging created?

It first came to the forefront in the mid to late 1800s, arising due to the requirement of sending goods to faraway locations and therefore, storing them for a longer time period.

The most commonly used material for shipping boxes is corrugated paper. The process for creating corrugated paper involves gluing two sheets of fluted paper. It makes the boxes stronger in comparison to just a single sheet of stock paper.

Curious for more info? Want to know how you can improve the box grade so it can deliver even the most sensitive CBD items? Let us dive right into it!

How to use the shipping boxes for every specification?

There are more than a couple of ways that you may upgrade the standard shipping boxes:

  • Pile on protective box layers

Even though the classic corrugated shipping boxes come with walls made of compressed rows of air columns, they can still be created with double and three-layer walls to intensify the protective gear.

The right box dimensions are the first step towards ensuring that the right quality of strength and durability is added to the boxes. Can loose or brittle boxes make it through the transport journey undamaged? The odds are far less.

So, if you are sending fragile CBD oils in glass bottles or highly-reactive skincare products, they can find the right boxes with apt customization.

  • A wide range of shapes and paper quality

Did you ever consider the box shapes to be an asset in safeguarding the contents? They are absolutely productive in holding the contents securely and engagingly for the customers.

A prime example can be the Nike sport shoes that come in triangular boxes. They don’t only add worth to the packaging appeal but also work well in ensuring that the shoes remain crush and tamper-free all along. Corrugated paper is the best option to craft the boxes in custom measurements without adding extra shipping weight.

  • Printed with important details

Shipping boxes normally come with handling details. It lets the logistic companies get an idea of the kind of inner contents and how the boxes should be kept at warehouses.

This helps to prolong the shelf life of CBD items. Global businesses experience significant losses due to damaged goods and customer refunds. Printing apt instructions on the boxes directly or placing informative labels on the boxes help to mitigate shipping risks.

Storing also becomes more worthwhile when CBD brands use creative custom printed shipping boxes to inform about the required temperatures and warehouse conditions.

  • Laminate and coat

Previously, many shipping boxes succumbed to general wear and tear during transit. But modern printing methods offer laminations and coats that can withstand several weather and handling adversities.

In particular, the spot UV coating helps to keep the boxes protected from direct sunlight and prevents reactions. CBD items normally are advised to be kept away from heat and such coatings help to keep them functional for longer.

What are the uses of robust shipping boxes?

Why spend so much effort and investment in creating safer CBD boxes for shipping? Why can’t you just send them in the standard boxes available?

The reason is that no customer likes their orders to come in mutated forms. They link similar sentiments to the brand as they do with its packaging. So, it works in favor of the business to have shipping boxes that put the best branding foot forward.

The boxes are also a proven way to lower customer complaints and save on losing out major chunks of costs to replacements. Here are more reasons that make using custom box printing on shipping boxes inevitable to brand success. Take a look.

  1. Good for the brand image

As stated earlier, the boxes become a part of the product once customers get them at their locations. On top of fostering customer trust through effective deliveries, the corrugated stock also radiates responsible brand vibes. Sustainable boxes are truly appreciated by contemporary customers and don’t cost too much to obtain.

Reusable stock paper is readily available all year round. This means that you can get extra stock on time for special periods and when demand levels are higher than usual.

custom printed shipping boxes
  • Maintain healthy budgets

CBD items are expensive to manufacture. They also require certifications from regulatory bodies that add to costs.

The packaging and marketing costs can be controlled through custom CBD boxes to manage budgets. It helps to have the boxes secure the contents and avoid refunds. They are helpful in brand promotions too. The brand image printed on the boxes is seen by many potential customers. It forms an immediate connect with buyers and sparks customer loyalty.

  • Easy to get

The customized versions of corrugated shipping stock are convenient to avail of. The boxes can be broken down and folded so they make transport and storage cheaper and rapid. The boxes open up and reform without altering the integrity of the box quality or shape.

Modern printing techniques enable sellers to customize the boxes and design them on soft copies. This shuns the need for printing on the boxes and lowers errors and omissions.

Now you know why we see custom printed shipping boxes all around us. The e-commerce markets are experiencing a never-seen-before boom. Naturally, many new sellers have been enticed to join the club.

CBD owners are benefiting from relaxed international legislations. Using the boxes is a good way to reach out to more customer markets and inflate profits levels.


Safe and robust shipping boxes are the lifeline of successful branding. Customers appreciate boxes made with care. CBD product sales can escalate once they are packaged safely.

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