How to Choose Fabric for Your Needs and Choice

Fabrics are an integral part of fabric industry. They have been in use from ancient times for various purposes. These days fabric is not only used for clothes but also to upholster furniture and for curtains in windows, etc. Fabric can be broadly classified into two categories- natural or synthetic fabric

Consider The Fabric Type

The fabric type is a major factor while choosing fabric as per your needs and choice because it will determine the durability, wearability, comfort level and other qualities of the fabric too. If you want to make a wedding dress then you would definitely choose silk fabric with chiffon lace fabrics but if you want upholstery of your sofa then silk can be best option among many fabric options. It is simply great and elegant.

Textile fabric is the term used for fabric that is made from natural fibres like cotton, wool, linen, etc. while synthetic fabric is made from man-made materials like polyester, nylon, acrylics, etc. There are also some unique fabrics that are a blend of both natural and synthetic like rayon and viscose.

Factors That Affect Fabrics

Fabrics are also classified on the basis of weight, texture, width and other factors. The fabric weight is measured in ounces per square yard and it ranges from very light (like chiffon) to very heavy (like woolen fabric). The fabric texture can be smooth or rough depending on its type. The fabric width is measured in inches and it ranges from very narrow (like lace fabric) to very wide (like sheeting fabric).

Natural Factors That Affect Fabrics

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are other important factors that you must consider while selecting fabric. These include- the purpose of fabric, climate conditions, care instructions, etc. So choose wisely according to your needs and what project you are considering. It is always good to plan everything before purchasing your materials.

If you are doing outdoor projects, then you must choose fabric that is resistant to UV rays and water. Sunbrella fabric is a good option for this purpose. If the fabric will be in contact with skin, then it is important to check if it is safe for human skin or not. Some fabrics contain harmful chemicals and dyes that can cause skin irritation or allergies. So this is definitely something to consider to avoid any health hazards.

So you want to select the fabric as per your needs and choice. There are some other things that are fixed while selecting a fabric. It is like if you want for you a wedding dress then you would definitely choose a silk fabric with chiffon fabric as the laces. But you would not surely have these fabrics when you want to upholster furniture, for curtains, etc.

Cotton fabric is not used as bridal fabric but if you want to upholster your furniture and sofa then cotton can be best option among many fabric options. It is simply great and elegant. You just need to take care of it in a proper way so that its color and quality lasts long.

Fabric Aftercare

With that being said, fabric care instructions must also be followed to keep the fabric looking new for a long time. Most fabrics can be dry-cleaned but there are some that should only be washed by hand. So it is important to read the care instructions before purchasing the fabric.

Fabric Price: A More Affordable Option

If you are considering price, then synthetic fabric is a better option because natural fabric is generally more expensive. The reason why synthetic fabric is cheaper than natural fabric is that synthetic fabric is mass-produced and natural fabric is handmade.

In terms of the affordability, synthetic fabric is a better option but if you have the budget, I would recommend natural fabric because it is more durable and has a unique feel.

That’s it! Are you ready for that project?

So, these are some of the important factors that you must consider while selecting fabric for your needs and choice. Planning everything in advance will help you make a better decision. I hope this article will help you in making the right decision. Thanks for reading! Again, choose wisely.

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