How Social WiFi Marketing Can Grow Your Business?

Many businesses are now offering access to the internet via their WiFi network. Whether a restaurant, coffee shop or stadium even a book store, WiFi has become the heart of every business. Therefore, all businesses need to provide a wireless connection to their customers for free. And customers routinely sign in giving brick-and-mortar companies an opportunity to target customers. Customers can sign in with their social media account. The captive portal tool can easily make their portal on the website of the company. Therefore, if you want to be successful then you should use social WiFi marketing.

Unlike online retailers, physical venues don’t have direct access to cost-effective digital marketing and analytics tools. Fortunately, social WiFi has opened the opportunity to access the same types of tools as their e-commerce counterparts in order to capture customer attention to their business. Companies can easily record their demographics and market to them. Many companies are using WiFi marketing solutions to make the business more effective. Retail shops, freelancing, and remote workforces used to be the exception. These are now becoming normal in this modern era. So, if you own a brick and mortar business then it’s obvious you need to offer free WiFi service to stay competitive and keep your business successful in this corporate industry.  

What is Social WiFi Marketing?

In these modern days, every person is using a smartphone to connect to the internet. Many small businesses are now offering free WiFi service to their customers, therefore, signing in through a social network is what’s known as social WiFi. However, this may seem like an insignificant difference from the password-based approach, it is one of the most powerful options a physical space can implement for the most cost-effective and highly targeted digital marketing available. This digital marketing company can easily attract more customers to your business Customers can use their social media accounts to login into their customer portals. These portals are made using the captive portal tool. Therefore, by having these portals customers can easily login into their accounts. These accounts always keep a record of their progress. 

How does Social WiFi Work?

Most social WiFi providers use their own hardware which means the entire wireless network infrastructure needs to be completely rebuilt. Many companies are using the old traditional methods to connect to their clients. There are many companies that are using cloud services. After a quick setup process, a company can easily provide free WiFi services to clients. will be ready to start putting your WiFi network to work for you. Following are the important points that will make you understand how social WiFi works.

  • Encourage your customers to log in to your Wifi Service. 
  • When they sign in, your customers will be presented with a welcome page. Encourage them to sign in via their Facebook account to get the most out of your WiFi marketing solutions. You can also offer connectivity with other social sites and email.
  • After customers sign in, a company has access to their behavioral information such as how often they return to your business and how long they spend in the infrastructure. By signing in with Facebook you also have access to their likes, demographic data, and contact information.
  • Therefore, using this information, you can now effectively market your customers. Provide different deals to every customer. A company can conduct multi-channel marketing through email and social media platforms.

How Does Social WiFi Benefits Customers? 

Logging into a guest WiFi network can be a bit of a hassle especially when signing in with your social media accounts. There are companies that are providing WiFi services without providing passwords. Social media authentication, on the other hand, gives your customers a one-button sign-in option which is great for customers. Customers don’t have to use passwords they can just use their social media accounts in exchange for passwords.

How Does Social WiFi Benefit your Business?

Social WiFi marketing can easily make your business more successful. It improves connectivity with clients. This kind of marketing simply increases the number of times clients return to your business. which in turn increases sales. Here are just a few benefits you’ll experience with social WiFi:

  • Increase branding presence. Stay fresh in your customer’s mind.  A digital marketing email campaign can make your product more effective. 
  • Know your clients. A company can easily understand the psychology of clients. a company can provide them with custom discounts. 
  • Grow your CRM. a company can add these clients to their management system. This system can easily manage all your business services. 

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