How much does ghostwriting services cost?

Usually when you shop around for the services the biggest issue you face is the lack of transparency when it comes down to cost. This sounds really frustrating for a customer to fill out a questionnaire or inquire about the cost. Professionals might have specific reasons for hiding the actual cost but they should give some estimated amount for the customers to understand whether they can afford that service or not.

There are a number of ghostwriting services available in the market. Some are freelancers, some are companies. And all of them offer a different range of costs as per the experience and the quality of the work However, there are certain parameters and ranges where the cost of these services lies. This industry does have some average costing numbers for ghostwriting services. The cost lies somewhere $30,000 standard, $40,000-wordbook, and a lesser cost for shorter books. These are the average costs of ghostwriting services as per the industry. An experienced professional will charge above average for his experience and skilled writing skills. Anyhow, it is very hard to crack the industry average since ghostwriting services don’t come under one specific industry but it includes patches of different industries.

Ghostwriting services like other services divide their market into different segments. Price ranges vary as per the purchasing power of your target audience. The upper level of these writers targets the elite class which includes celebrities, politicians, and famous artists. The ghostwriters charge them hefty amounts and receive a handsome fee for their work. In exchange for this, they provide them the quality as per the fee paid by them. Along with the fee. They also get the royalties from the sales of the book because these books are expected to be one of the bestsellers.

The next level of writers are the true heroes of these services. They are most skilled writers and born with the true talent. They know this skillset form the bottom of their hearts, they are masters of this art who can turn the raw material into the most magical form of a book. However, these writers are comparatively the cheaper ones when it comes down to cost due to the purchasing power of their target audience. Still, they charge a pretty good amount for their services ranges starting from $20,000 to $50,000 per book.

At the lowest level, there are writers who charged the least in this industry somewhere around $5,000 to $10,000 or even less. Usually, this level contains the new writers who are trying to enter the market and their focal point to make the entrance in the market and money is a secondary element for them. If your budget lies somewhere in this range then you should hire some beginners to write a book but this includes a lot of risks since the writers are new and they are chances of error due to lack of experience. Moreover, this should a point of consideration that $5,000 to $10,000 is the very undercharged cost for a whole book because it takes enormous hard work and efforts to write a book.

Conclusively if you want to hire a good ghostwriter and want some quality work then your costing should start from $20,000 plus and this is a very decent amount to pay for an entire book. From the author’s side, this $20,000 is kind of an investment that can be earned back in sales of a book. The way to get your book sale is to write quality content so you should definitely go for some skilled and experienced ghostwriters.

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