How Do Custom Boxes Contribute to CPG Brand Recognition?                                    

When weighing options upon which packaging to pick, CPG brands are better off with custom boxes than standard packaging.

CPG businesses regard their packaging as an instrumental tool in expanding brand awareness. The existence of identical products in CPG markets solidifies the need for differentiating factors that enables the brand identity to stand apart from the crowd.

Comparing packaging types

Why do we see numerous boxes lining retail racks? Brown basic boxes are becoming rapidly extinct. The same reason implies creating distinct packaging as using the best marketing practices.

Using more than ordinary brand appeal is the basis on which trustable brand identity is built. You don’t have to be an experienced seller to realize the benefits of putting an impressive brand image out there for customers to see.

Over time, the customer experiences have become reliant on the boxes as a way to judge between functional brands and not-so-workable ones. Marketers point towards rising customer satisfaction linked with a favorable unboxing procedure.

But the customer shopping experience doesn’t only entail relishing from the box opening, there are more than a handful of custom packaging factors that make them better than just basic ones.

Let us see these in detail.

  1. Materials incorporated during crafting

Customized CPG boxes are distinct from ordinary boxes primarily due to the materials used to produce them. While the standard boxes come in pre-set formats and material selection, customized packaging can be created with an array of stock paper choices.

Businesses cannot just select the required box material such as corrugated, rigid, or cardboard but also customize them in the appropriate thicknesses and shapes. These instantly garner customer interest as compared to conventional box formats.

So, you can utilize the specific material quantity as you desire to make your boxes look inviting as be strong enough for the products.

  • Provide favorable product presentation

Customers obviously don’t have anything else to assess the products by than analyzing their boxes. More often than not, this is what creates one-time purchases or encourages customer loyalty for life.

Standard boxes don’t offer much scope to radiate true product functions and benefits. The boxes come in a pre-decided appearance. This is why more and more CPG brands are now switching to creating customized packaging for their products.

Numerous custom additions including window cutouts, elucidating graphics, and texts help to form a positive aura around the brand by giving in-depth product details to customers. These combine with the marketing strategies to explain a convincing brand story, something missing from ready-made boxes.

  • Enclose extra value within the packaging

How can you let customers know that buying from your CPG brand would give them good value for money? It is no secret that buyers look forward to receiving their orders. When the deliveries arrive in enticing custom boxes made with care, customers attach a high value aesthetic to the brand.

Apart from beautifying the outer box appeal, the inside can also be used for placing discount vouchers, informing of upcoming sales periods, and addressing customers personally. Such additions add value to the products. Buyers get attached to CPG businesses that exhibit customer care.

Standard boxes, on the other hand, come in generic forms. They depict the brand and product title at the most. Hence, they fall short on pleasing customers and extending branding to them.

  • Be eco-friendly

One important aspect today is to have sustainable packaging habits. CPG products that come in bio-degradable packaging, are picked more frequently than others.

Custom options enable you to pick eco-friendly stock paper. The boxes as well as extra packaging accessories can be carved out of favorable materials. Customers are quick to notice the effort put into the packaging and demand more orders.

Standard boxes may lack these qualities. Even if the corrugated boxes are used, these come in basic thicknesses and without any personalization. Ordinary box appeal doesn’t generate customer interest in the brand.

  • Perform branding more strongly

You would be wondering if custom CPG boxes are just there to carve a niche brand image through creative designs. But the impact goes beyond just pleasing customers. It includes marketing gimmicks too. Brands extensively use CPG boxes for:

  • Introducing the brand and products to new customers.
  • Forming a close bond with buyers through interactive content.
  • Reduce confusion and ambiguity regarding the use of products.
  • Join the marketing dots to form a compelling brand story.

Many brands report reduced annual marketing costs as the boxes effectively take over major branding regimes.

custom boxes
  • Informing all stakeholders

Making sure that customers get your products in their true state entails taking more control over logistics.

Custom CPG boxes allow the box space to be printed with relevant info. Content containing the storage and handling instructions keeps even the most fragile items damage-proof. Ordinary boxes don’t have room for such modifications and thus often get tampered with during shipping.

Taking one step at a time

This comparison leads to one obvious fact; standard boxes offer limited depth in altering marketing strategies to capture more customers. It is the little and, sometimes prominent, box components that make the brand a household name.

Particularly, the CPG markets are full of competitors who keep inventing crispier and more productive packaging to grab more market share. Keeping up with such dynamics becomes viable when you have custom CPG packaging. It can be alerted frequently to reflect customer tastes and market norms.

Deciding what your needs and branding aims are to create appropriate boxes. CPG items like electronics, cosmetics, and medicines are fragile. They need above-ordinary boxes to keep them safe and secure during transport and at warehouses.

Standard boxes come in pre-positioned elements. Hence, they don’t fit well with either the product size or shapes nor do they present an enticing brand image.


You don’t have to spend eons and empty your budgets on obtaining the best marketing tools. You have one right within your reach. CPG custom boxes are better than ordinary packaging any day.

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