How can you run your school during covid-19 with ERP SchoolAura?

Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on all the spheres of everyday life since it began. The education sector is one such sector where the after-effects have been saddening. It has shaken the entire system in a bad way but we are helping the school with an online school management software solution. All the schools have had to close down, and there is no certainty when they can start like normal before. 

But this does not mean that the entire studying pattern of the students will be stopped. The studies need to begin as usual, and the schools need to ensure that they can get this done well. Let us find out the points in which the schools can run well with the help of the ERP SchoolAura during Covid.

Providing Learning Materials to the students with the help of ERP SchoolAur

Online is a useful method in which the teachers can share a lot of learning material for the students to learn. They can upload a lot of documents, videos, and e-books and scan them into different book pages together. This kind of sharing ensures no miscommunication while teaching a topic. The students can understand a primary issue with ample examples and references. This makes studies very easy for the students.

The shared documents are not available all the time. So, the teachers share them for a limited period. The students can understand their studies in the best way possible. This makes studying very effective. It lets the teacher and students be on the same page without any hindrances. So, this is one way the students can learn with reference work even when they are at home.

Monitor your Student Activity From Anywhere

Monitoring the student’s activities is of prime importance. When studying online, the system ensures that they are disciplined and attentive. The ERP for school management system gets the students marked present. But this is only within the stipulated login time as their daily routine. If the students log in later and expect not to get caught, they will be wrong as the system will track the entire timing. The system monitors the whole activity schedule with precision. The students need to be careful and behave themselves throughout the time. 

As the teachers have instructed the students to read and study a definite document, the software notes whether the student has opened and read the paper or not. Similarly, the homework issues are also dealt with by the system. The teachers can track the students’ patterns with care. This would never have been possible in physical classes. So, this system is quite a boon in a lot of cases.

Outstanding Education Evaluation by ERP SchoolAura

The teachers can check the learning capacity of the students by conducting timely quizzes, multiple-choice question answers, and other kinds of exams. They can also frame questions through videos and images. This makes the students understand their texts with full enthusiasm. The teachers include filling in the blanks, matching the sequences, etc. to the questionnaire. The teachers can extraordinarily frame the exam paper. This requires the student to study every detail of the report with extra precision.

Many systems can be customized so well that when the students are giving their exams, the teachers will understand if they have opened any other extra tab to stop cheating. This software is simply the best to watch the students when they are giving their exams. Hence even if the students have to study at home, they should be on their best behaviour. They must also refrain from taking up any malpractice while giving their exams.

Comprehensive Performance Report for Each Student

The school management software in India looks into the regular classes, conducts tests for the students, and provides a report that encompasses all aspects of everyday student life. Starting from their punctuality, discipline maintenance, homework completion, frequency of in-class sessions and the performance tests, a massive report is generated for each student. This shows how well the students are being monitored. Even if they are not attending the classes the system monitors the students.

This system gives the teachers an entire outlook on how the student’s school management software in India is faring. It shows them which students most benefited from the system. It also shows those who are still lacking knowledge. It also shows those who are only coping with the system. It shows them how the study pattern is helping the students, and they can understand where to improve.

Including the parents

The teachers need to know how the parents of a particular student are helping them. If they are working or stay at home and help them with their studies. The teachers ensure that the parents have access to the reports of their ward. In this way, they can find out how the kids are performing.

They can also get notifications from the meetings and have the fees’ invoices. This app provides them with the need to ensure that the students benefit from this entire system. Teachers need to ensure that the parents are well-informed about their children’s progress. The system also helps a lot in this.


Q. Does this store the answer sheet of the exams that the child has written?

A. Yes, All the answer sheets are saved in the individual accounts. But they are not easily accessible to the parents. They need to provide a written request letter to make provisions to give them access.

Q. Are the parents able to find out daily when their children log in for classes?

A. Yes. The system has a daily breakdown of the login and then log out the class time. The entire report of the students is always accessible to their parents. This lets them check if their children are logged in for classes on time.

Q. Can the parents get to see the question paper after the examination? A. Yes. The question papers are saved in the students’ accounts so that the parents can see them. This will be protected throughout the year and will be available for reference for all.

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