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Do you want to get professional cleaning help in your home? At the cleaning company Kvalirengøring , we offer Home Cleaning Service in homes and holiday homes. We also offer private head cleaning and window cleaning . We are always thorough with the cleaning work. And we strive to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our service. That is why we also place emphasis on good dialogue.

Private cleaning / Rengøringshjælp (Home cleaning service) assistance is an agreement that a private person has the opportunity to make with a service company. The agreement can cover a weekly help that comes into the resident’s home and helps keep dust and dirt down. Often it is services such as: vacuuming, wiping dust, removing lime from the toilet / shower, which are helped.

Private cleaning in a fixed agreement

It can be a bigger job to make everyday life cohesive, and at the same time the home must be cleaned. Maybe you do not have time, but it could also be that you do not feel like it ─ or it could be that you have a temporary or permanent disability. In any case, we offer private cleaning, and it can be, for example, once a week or just every fortnight. You can also order us from time to time if you do not want a fixed agreement on cleaning assistance.

Cleaning will typically consist of wiping horizontal surfaces, vacuuming and floor washing as well as cleaning the bathroom. We also offer window cleaning. We agree on what you will arrange yourself and what we will take care of. It may be that you only want help with the heavier tasks.

How much does cleaning help cost?

Our prices for cleaning assistance depend a bit on whether you have a fixed agreement or whether we are called out for an unknown task on hourly pay. We have competitive prices, and we are happy to find a good and cheap price that everyone will be happy with.

At the Rengøringsfirma (Cleaning company), you can order your own permanent team of skilled cleaning staff. We make sure that your home is clean and delicious until you get home. Our friendly and competent employees have many years of experience with private cleaning and have a good eye for what is needed from time to time. Good and sweet family people that you can trust. See prices a little further down the page.

We bring our own environmentally friendly cleaning products with ecology and necessary materials. Such as vacuum cleaners and cloths we need for the task with you. The only thing you possibly. must make sure is an easy cleanup so we can reach as much as possible on time. Do you need us to use other types of soaps, e.g. something special for a white pigmented floor, you just have to present it yourself, and we will use it.

Maybe you have tried one of our colleagues in the industry and have not been completely satisfied with the quality? We may be a little more expensive, but we also do not compete solely on price. But on an absolutely unsurpassed quality and professionalism in the Rengøringshjælp (Home cleaning service)of our customers. Judge for yourself whether it pays not to give a little more for proper quality and good treatment. In any case, we look forward to welcoming you to good cleaning help, which is also affordable. You can see the prices by scrolling down the page a bit.

Get a no-obligation quote on cleaning service

Feel free to contact us to have a chat about what you want and what we offer in private cleaning. Then we are happy to prepare a non-binding offer on cleaning service. You can contact us on telephone  +45 4880 9952. You can also write to e-mail [email protected]øring.dk or contact us via the contact form on the website.

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