Hats Off to Hat Wearers Who Stun the Show with Wide Brimmed Hats

Few fabrics are classic, luxurious, and functional and withstand the test of time like no other. Silk is an excellent example of this. Along with this, cashmere is also known for its appeal and performance. You also have a toquilla straw to complete the list. You may not have heard about toquilla hats, but it is a treasured material that has got recent recognition. It is an essential hat-making material with an excellent appearance and timeless fashionable appeal.

The Panama hat has become the talk of the town. It is the most applauded headwear you will find all across the globe. However, people misunderstand Panama hats with fedora hats and trilby hats. However, there is a distinction between all these variants. What exactly does a person mean by Panama hat? Panama hats come from Ecuador looking stunning on the wearer. It is a particular hat style that is often confused with fedora and trilby. However, there is no reason to worry. Professionals are here to clear all your qualms. 

What is the history of the Panama hat? 

The authentic appeal of Panama hat always has Ecuadorian origin. A typical Panama hat from Ecuador comes out of toquilla straw. It is a simple structure with some sparkling features, making it a distinct headwear in the market. You also have other countries coming up with their variations of Panama hats. In the early 1600s, hat weaving started to grow on the western Ecuadorian coast.

Along with this, in other hilly regions, hat weaving started gaining prominence. The town which gained immense popularity as the exact birthplace of Panama headwear is Montecristi. Before these fine accessories became known all cross, Panama hats were called Montecristi or toquilla hats. Later on, it got renamed the Panama hat. For a long time, Montecristi remained the location of these hat makers, and today you have Panama hats available all across the globe. 

Reason for calling these hats Panama

In the late 90s, hat makers started experimenting with different names. Hence, toquilla hats or these typical hats have a few characteristics that give them their name. In the 17th and 18th centuries, hat weaving grew in the Equatorial region. With it grew the popularity of these hats. By the early 19th century, these comfortable, lightweight mens wide brim hats started getting exposure to other parts of the world. In the mid-1800s, people began traveling to the Ecuador region to get their Panama hats. If you look at magazines and newspapers of that time, you will get evidence of people from the aristocratic section of society featuring themselves with Panama hats. 

Which material to use for the Panama hat? 

As you already know, the traditional Panama hat comes from toquilla straw. The straw comes from tequila palm, also called the palmate plant. These summer straw hats have a beautiful appeal and are lightweight. More so, they are light in color and have an attractive finish. You also find them in a range of ivory and bright white hues and beige and tan shades. These hats are lightweight, breathable, and get shaped like fedora hats. The wide brim hats available in a range of colors have gained immense popularity across the globe. 

What features to look for in Panama hats? 

If you love wide-brim hats, you can try your hands at Panama hats. The round crown and endless colors make Panama hats a must-have accessory. If you want to flatter your head and face shape, you have to select the best headwear that goes with your personality. Panama hats are ideal for official and unofficial events. Hence, you can effortlessly carry these on any occasion. More so, the authentic fabric has a distinguishing appeal along with functionality. Wearing high-quality and superfluous Panama hats will take your personality to the next level. Generally speaking, you must go for high-quality hats because they are the best purchase. 

Now that you know so much about Panama hats, it’s time to hit the market and select the best option. Look for the classic style, high-quality and decent appeal. Remember that each prospect has a distinct feature and functionality. You have different brim sizes to flatter your face, from short to comprehensive. Hence, it’s better to spend money on this fashion accessory that will stay with you for a long time. When wearing Panama hats, try keeping other elements minimal. Go for nude shades and try highlighting the headwear. Keep your accessories simple so that people notice your hat. Never do bright makeup, as that will destroy all your fashion efforts. You may pair plain t-shirts with denim pants and colorful Panama hats. Also, short dresses and funky tops go well with Panama hats. It would help if you experimented with these to develop an eye-catching style. 

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