Guide to Utilizing Box Manufacturers for Apparel Packaging

When we hear apparel, the first thing that crosses our minds is everything related to clothes. But have you ever thought about apparel boxes and how box manufacturers combine different components for making spectacular apparel packaging?

If not, then now is the best time to do so! We agree that there are a zillion factors that catch the customers’ attention regarding the apparel item. But it is proven by several surveys that the packaging is what customers look at and get swayed by at first. Naturally, brands have imbibed good packaging routines for a number of reasons. These are topped by brand recognition concerns and sustaining a high sales volume.

The next time when you get impressed by apparel packaging, think about what has gone into creating these fashionable boxes that suit the essence of the apparel products. It is the professional box makers who realize individual ideas into fascinating and artful pieces of apparel boxes. Without amazing customers with delightful brand projections, your apparel sales may not touch the set benchmark.

Every business in the apparel industry needs to rise above the rivalry to shine brightly enough to instantly become visible to the customers. In this article, we would describe how you can use the help of these box makers to attain better customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and hence, sales levels.

Take a look below.

Step 1: Acknowledge your products

When you approach professional box makers, the first thing that they would want to know is your products’ characteristics.

As an apparel seller, you must be manufacturing varied items for a wide spectrum of customer demographics. All these must reflect on the packaging for the customers to take notice and for the apparel items to remain steady and safe during transit.

You need to:

  • Measure the physical apparel items. Boxes must resonate with the physical product dimensions.
  • Certain clothing items can be folded without causing damages. The right fold must be identified and then measured to create the perfect fitting box.
  • Ascertain the grade of safety required. Certain accessories, shoes, and clothing items may get spoiled due to being compressed or mishandled. Such items need to be secured using relevant box thicknesses.
  • Some apparel products come in components. Custom features like custom trays and/or additional boxes can be packaged together. You need to identify these and then measure each component dimension to decide on the final box size.

Box makers help out on this and churn out effective apparel boxes using this list of correct information.

Step 2: Consider the target customers

The primary reason for hiring box makers is to present the brand enticingly. And thus, customers’ tastes and expectations need to be included within the box look.

You need to understand that customers belonging to different age groups, gender, nationality, and cultures, respond variedly to certain brand appeal. Showcasing those grabs more eyeballs and improves brand recognition too.

The first thing is to classify each customer group into categories depending on the products. Next, customers belonging in the same category must be assessed in terms of their demands and intention for use. Doing so would help box manufacturers to suggest box designs that are apt for every customer group.

For instance, it would work to promote winter clothing separately for young customers and old ones. Also, apparel items for specific events must be packaged in specialized boxes. Halloween costumes are sold in boxes that appear suitable for the occasion.

This can only have constructive results when you spell out the intended customer groups and what your product offers to them to the box designers.

 Step 3: Establish the exact box quantities

Regular apparel packaging needs custom boxes produced in bulk. The box numbers matter to avoid wastages through attaining more than required quantities.

If you are looking to cut corners, determining the box orders define your profitability levels. Brands mustn’t order too high to avoid consuming more warehouse space at the end. Nor should they order too few boxes that would disrupt the supply chain.

Work with your production team to quantify the monthly orders and warehouse capacities. Box makers work with bio-degradable materials that are available all year round and hence, don’t take up much time for production. You can have them ordered and received within a few business days. Such apparel boxes also help to attach a responsible image to your brand.

Step 4: Proofread the marketing content

Before letting the box makers take over the printing responsibilities, make sure that you provide them with effective marketing content.

Establish how you want to present the brand in terms of:

  • The brand name and emblem.
  • Advertising complimenting products on offer.
  • Unique brand tag lines.
  • Product name and functions.
  • Graphics and use of box textures.

Once you have the rough sketch, pro box stylists can turn them into professional pieces of art. They are equipped with a high-grade printing press and design experience. It makes the printed content grab customer attention and give the overall brand appeal a strong forward push.

Step 5: know your spending limits

As much as you want to, you cannot possibly spend limitlessly on apparel packaging! Generating cost-effective packaging deals is essential to maintain healthy bottom lines.

Expert box makers can help out in fostering packaging that fits your budget. But first, you need to state these. Spelling out your financial constraints helps box makers to know how to fit the apparel packaging within those and possibly reducing the total costs. Being cost-conscious is necessary to generate rapid recoveries to boost profit levels.

All these steps are about elements that improve packaging produced by box manufacturers. They take the task from here to produce exceptional apparel boxes that form an unforgettable connect with customers.

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Apparel boxes must be as fashion-forward as their products. Box designers are the right craftsmen for the job. You need to consider the mentioned steps to make the most out of hiring these box specialists within your financial means.

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