Gojek Clone On Demand Multi Service App Best Startup Option for 2022

2022 is approaching and young Entrepreneurs are all-ears about a great Business Idea. We say, getting into the Multi-Service Industry with an All-In-One Service App can make Billions of Dollars in just a year. According to FirstSiteGuide, only 40% of the total Startups are able to make humongous profits. Well, aspiring Entrepreneurs reading this blog can be one of these 40%. 

Why One Platform with Multiple Services? 

  1. It Can Get Your ‘BRAND’ Across The Globe Within Days 

It is difficult to make your business reach at so many locations in a short time. But, with an App like Gojek, your Multi-Service Business can set foot in Multiple Cities or Countries at a time, as well as present itself as a ‘BRAND.’

  1. By Going ‘All-At-Once’ You Save Your Time And Money

Creating a bunch of Apps for every single trending On-Demand Service will be an expensive investment in addition to years of time it will take to Launch them. Plus, managing them all at once will take all of your blood and sweat. Hence, purchasing a Pre-Built On-Demand Multi-Services App Solution from a Licensed White-Labeling Firm will make things easy. 

  1. Gain More With Less 

The Smart Users of the 21st Century are into getting a Euphoric Experience with just a few clicks. So, when you offer them everything at once, they will stick to you loyally. Apart from capturing a huge Customer-Base, your App will flood with Registration Applications from New and Established Service Providers who want to reach more and more Customers Digitally. 

It is clear that having one platform with multiple services is ‘Profitable.’ But, as a Startup Owner, you also need to decide which Services can rake in that kind of prosperity. Well, these are the Services that are in Demand and will always be. 

On-Demand Services You Shouldn’t Fail To Add in your App

  1. Ride-Hailing/Ride-Sharing Services 
  2. Food and Grocery Delivery 
  3. Parcel Delivery
  4. Pharmacy Delivery 
  5. At-Home Beauty Services 
  6. Car Wash

Other Services that also have High-Market-Potential include Delivery Genie, Delivery Runner, Doctors, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services, Road Assistance Services, etc. 

Generic, User-Friendly Gojek Clone App features 

  1. Access Multiple Services With an Easy Registering Process: Since you are an All-In-One Platform, the App Users will get the benefit of easily Registering with the App using their Phone Numbers or emails. Such an easy process allows New Users to try your Platform.  
  1. Integration of Multiple Languages, Currency, and Payment Gateways: Operating as a ‘BRAND’ at multiple locations implies that your App should have the feature of switching Languages and Currencies as per your Target Audience’s preference. This allows your Users to smoothly navigate through the App. By providing the most Common, Reliable, and Popular Payment Gateways will help Users to make Contactless Online Transactions without any fuss. 
  1. Option to Review and Rate the Service/Service Provider: The App Users are the most Authentic Sources to gather information about the Service/Service Providers. Through their Ratings and Reviews on the Gojek Clone, the App Owners will get to know what are their strengths and weaknesses, based on which, they can make prominent improvements on the App, in their Services or simply ask the Service Provider to make prompt rectifications.
  2. Covid-19 Specific Features for Customers: As an Entrepreneur who wishes to offer Multiple Services on One Platform, it becomes critical for you to provide Covid-19 Specific Features. Users around Nations will be using your App and if you persist that your Services abide by all the World Health Organizations’ Guidelines to curb the Spread of this Contagious Virus, then, more Customers will start relying on you. 

People are still paranoid of the Virus that they need features like Face Mask Verification of the Taxi Driver, Confirmation of a Safety Checklist by the Rider before the Trip begins, and many others.  

Business Models That Can Earn Your App ‘Profits’

  1. Commission-Based Model 

App Owners following this Business Model gets to earn Commission on every Single Service that gets rendered through the App. This Commission Rate is exclusively decided by the App Owner based on the different genres of the Services offered on the App. This means that the Commission Rate will be different for Taxi Rental Services, Hot Stone Massages, and an Argan Oil Hair Treatment.

The Service Providers have to pay this set percentage from the amount they earn per Service or Order that is rendered through the App. And, this Commission Rate is mentioned in the signed Contractual Agreement between the Service Provider and the App Owner.

  1. Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans are the One-Time-Payments that the Service Provider makes when purchasing one of the many Plans curated by the App Owner. These Plans are priced differently based on the duration of the Plan and the Benefits enlisted in the Plan. The available Plan durations are – Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, or Annual Plans. 

These Subscription Plans come with an Expiry Date. Upon Expiration of the Plan, the Service Provider will no longer be able to Accept Service Requests. However, the App Owner starts sending Reminders about Plan Renewal to the Service Provider via the In-App Push Notifications a few days before the Expiration Date. This gives enough time to the Service Provider to Renew the Plan. 


Do you want your Gojek Clone App to be listed as The Best Startup of 2022? Do you want your dream to become a Billionaire to come true? 

Then start listing out White-Labeling Firms that:

  • Have an Industry Experience of at least 6 to 7 years 
  • They should provide you FREE Demo App that you can use as long as you want until you’re completely satisfied that it is the perfect Gojek Clone App you were looking for. 

What’s causing the delay? Hurry Up and contact the best one right now!

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