Excellent Fresh Flower Selections For Enhancing The Attractiveness Of Your Home and Thoughts

Fresh flowers may lift your spirits for days or even weeks. Numerous typical flower kinds can be found in your neighbourhood professional florist’s department. More and more options are accessible all year round because of the rising worldwide market and better technology. 

Whether used singly or in combination with other elements, they have the potential to form a stunning composition. Let your florist know what kinds of flowers you like so that they may put together a custom arrangement just for you.

So, without further ado, place your order for flower delivery in Delhi. Take a look at some of your top possibilities right here.


Four large ruffled, delicate petals and oval foliage characterise these long-lived flowers. White, light and dark pink, lavender, deep purple, and bicolors are only a few of the available shades. There are both double and single bloom versions of this plant. The vase has a seven to ten-day shelf life.

Lily of the Valley

Broad-leafed Lily of the Valley features fragrant white bell-shaped flowers and spear-like scented leaves. Lily of the Valley is increasingly popular as a cut flower, especially in wedding bouquets, even though it is a typical garden perennial. Remove stamens to keep petals and clothing free of pollen stains.


When the flowers open, they will measure between one and three inches in diameter. The stem bears long, thin, and pointed leaves. Blue-purple, deep purple, lavender, white, and yellow are some of the available colours. The flower petals of many flowers are dotted with yellow spots. Vases have a two- to five-day shelf-life after they are purchased.


Clusters of four-petaled flowers, ranging in size from 4 to 8 inches across, are common. White, lavender, pink, and green flowers abound throughout the garden. While hydrangeas have long been popular in gardens and landscapes, they’ve recently become sought-after as a cut flower for use in arrangements inspired by the style. Here are some more attractive options for online flower delivery in Gurgaon when ordering online.


The stems of these evergreen shrubs are covered in tiny leaves. Purple, lavender, pink, and white are among the floral colours available, with flower spikes ranging in length from 6 to 10 inches. Heather is a flowering plant that can be cut and used as a bouquet decoration.

Store the product between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius (1 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit) away from heat. Prune the tips sparingly, as doing so increases water evaporation. Give your plants plenty of water, but don’t let them sit in water or let them dry up between waterings. 

They are more prone to fungus disease during the hot, humid summers, so treat them right away with a fungicide. They are drought-tolerant to a degree. They prefer it when the sun is directly overhead.

Gerbera Daisy

Layers of delicate petals cover daisy-like blooms up to 5 inches across. They also come in various shapes and sizes, such as miniatures, single- or double-flowered variations, and even spider varieties. Different shades of white and cream are available, and various other hues such as pink, magenta, salmon, orange, and red.


The 6-inch-diameter blossoms of the trumpet lily have a trumpet-shaped bloom. The stems can reach a height of three feet and bear four to eight blooms per stem. Foliage is scarce and dark green. For this reason, lilies have a short lifespan of one to two weeks. White, yellow, pink, red, and orange are standard colours, with some flowers having a deeper shade (freckles) on the inner petal.


For cut flowers, delphiniums come in a wide range of hues, including blues and lavender. They can also be found in pinks, salmon and rose colours, as well as bi-colours. Flowers are borne on 1–6-foot-long spike stems. Foliage is a medium green, leafy variety with either single or double flowers. The vase has a shelf life of four to twelve days.


This cut flower’s trumpet-style appearance is created by the six outer petals around a cup. The flowers that grow on some stems are solitary, while those that grow in clusters form clusters. Most of the flowers have yellow or white outer petals, with others having orange edges. 

The cups can be any of these colours, as well as salmon or salmon-orange. Daffodils exude a sap that, if not treated appropriately, can be harmful to other plants. Recutting a flower that has been blended with other flowers may result in more fluid being spilt; therefore, avoid doing so.

Florals serve as a memento of life’s most significant occasions. This epidemic is a watershed moment in the lives of everyone who has been affected. Adding meaningful blossoms to it is essential. Have you ever been overwhelmed with joy after receiving a bouquet of flowers? 

Isn’t it wonderful to be happy and appreciative at the same time? Most individuals indeed feel this way after receiving a lovely fragrance. However, did you realise that receiving flowers makes us feel this way? According to research, receiving flowers makes you happier than anything else. So don’t waste any time and bring those flowers inside!

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