Easy Way of Christian Court Marriage in Pakistan with Foreigner

Christian Court Marriage in Pakistan with Foreigner:

Nazia Law Associates is an expert law firm to conduct Christian court marriage in Pakistan and divorce in Pakistan. The Christian Court Marriage procedure in Pakistan is Not a very difficult.

Question Related to the Christian Girl:

Q: I am a Brazilian Christian. I met a Pakistani Muslim man. He wants to marry me, but I have some doubts. He is already married, but he is not living with his wife for the last four years, and he has not proceeded with his divorce in Pakistan. Can he marry me in an Islamic way? Do I have to become a Muslim before marriage? Or can I do Christian court marriage in Pakistan as I have to return to my country after our marriage? Can I do this 

Answer related to the Previous Questions:

A: His keeping away from his first wife for four years amounts, in the sight of some Muslim Jurists, separation by way of Eila, but legally he has to file a divorce in Pakistan. However, it doesn’t stand in the form of your marriage with him because Islam permits second marriage as well. If you wish him to divorce his first wife, it is another case, and he has to file a divorce in Pakistan. You need not necessarily become a Muslim to marry that Muslim fellow and Christian court marriage in Pakistan is not required. However, your conversion to Islam will make your marital life truly harmonious and peaceful; you can return to your country after marriage and reside anywhere you like. Advisably, however, you shouldn’t remain away from your husband for long periods. Better agree with him that you will stay in Brazil and not be forced to move out against your will and that he either lives with you or visits you frequently, You may register in Pakistan, it attains complete legal protection under the state’s laws, and Pakistani law does not require a Christian court marriage in Pakistan with a Muslim male

Second Again Question Related to the Christian Girl:

Q: I am getting married to a Christian lady. Accepting that the religion of our future children would be Islam, she asks me where in the Qur’an and Sunnah is it stated that the children of such a marriage have to be Muslims and can we also do Christian court marriage in Pakistan?

Answer in Islamic Point of View:

The Qur’an says: save yourself and your family from the Fire (of would than a man not care that his wife and children whom he loves go much should not face the rage of God in the hereafter? In the case of a Christian wife, a man is bound not to press her for conversion or do Christian court marriage in Pakistan and leave it to her to make a free choice on merits of the Faith, But children are man’s legal responsibility. If they are not brought up properly, God will ask him about this negligence. Know why a Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian or Jewish lady? First, as a respect to their belief in God and the Messengers and the hereafter. But certainly, this permission is also meant to provide a chance for a Christian or a Jew lady ‘to have a closer look at Islam, which was the religion of Jesus and Moses as well. Legally after divorce in Pakistan the children also follow the faith of the Father.

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