Driving in Los Angeles: Things to Know for Young Drivers

The sunny Los Angeles boasts of its Mediterranean climate, film industry, and the tricky quest of the road net. The City of Angels is the second-largest city in the USA, covering approximately 500 square miles. So the journey will be full of joy! Our article is here to give young drivers tips and rules on driving in LA fast and safely.

Consider routes in advance

If, among all the options, you choose a car rental service, then plan your route. LA is giant with different places and numerous locals. Although movies picture the sunny heaven with cheerful people, that is more a stereotype. Some districts are better to avoid in order not to dodge bricks or bottles. Moreover, Sat Nav may react slower while you drive downtown. Pay specific attention to being in the correct lane, slowing down, and turning in the right direction. What do you need for the car rental in LAX for under 25 drivers? You should take your driving license, identity proof, and credit or debit card with enough funds. Be ready to pay the additional fee as all young drivers do in the USA. By the way, Californian people may obtain a driving license when they are complete 16 years old.

Clarify how to pay for any road usage

The City of Los Angeles has an expansive network of freeways, expressways, and streets that connect different districts. Usually, many tourists rent a car or use other types of transportation and need time to get acquainted with the unlike road system. The latest differs from the back eastern’s one when you pay for the used roads. That system supposes that drivers pay taxes to use roads rather than tolls. That becomes confusing. For example, the 91 East carpool lane merges with the Route 91 Expressway. When driving that way, the city visitors may think they use the carpool lane. Still, that mistake can cause some unpleasant fees. Double-check the point to make your journey easier and cheaper.

Follow traffic rules

Prepare yourself for changed traffic rules. LA demands to run the vehicle not faster than 25 miles per hour on city streets. That is the result of the fact that pedestrians are allowed to cross any intersection on their way. Of course, unless there is a prohibiting sign. The existence or absence of painted lines does not make any difference in this case. Thus, drivers must be careful and attentive. Another limit comes at 65 miles per hour on freeways.

Stay away from alcohol 

People visit Los Angeles to have a good time. In the first place, they come to numerous beaches, famous places, take a photo with the Hollywood sign on the hill. Then, they enjoy the nightlife. Forget about driving a rental car if you got at least one glass of alcohol. The law prescribes the arrest of every driver who does that. The legal age for drinking is 21 in California.

Use headphones

Driving a vehicle better use hands-free devices, do not write or read texts. According to the law, it is prohibited to be distracted that way. Do not worry! You can freely use GPS on your mobile phone while driving the vehicle. 

Park your car right

Find a good place to park your car. If you violate the rules, you will quickly receive a charge ticket. To be sure that you do everything appropriately, double-check all the traffic signs. For example, the red curb means no parking is allowed. Then, the green one specifies the time and days when parking is available. Another curb of white or yellow colors defines the road stretch for passengers to load and unload public transport. Thus no parking for private cars is allowed. On the contrary, you will always find a place for your vehicle in parking lots or garages for a fee.

Save time avoiding traffic jams

Remind yourself that a city with such a population always gets issues with traffic jams. The rush hours are in the mornings and evenings when people go to work and come home. Try to plan driving another time or get ready to wait and be late. Alternatively, you should create a plan B and use surface streets to navigate the city successfully. That refers to any road, which is not a freeway or expressway with limited access. The net is difficult to understand for a newcomer, so if you have a friend to help you, ask him for a piece of advice. If you get no people who may give you a hand, you can hire someone to do that. 

We hope you will get as much information as possible when you head to Los Angeles. Thus, you will have a great vacation there. A gentle reminder is that you can rent a car with the under 25 policy fee and hit the road to see all the beauty of the great city!

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