Designing of Preschool Playground Equipment 

The construction of playground play structures for toddlers aged 5 and under differs from that of a playground for older children. Because toddlers are still actively discovering the world around them and have not yet developed the strength and motor abilities of older children, a toddler playground must include preschool playground equipment that is appropriate for this age group.

Factors to Consider for Playground Equipment for Preschool Design

Keep the following design factors in mind while creating a playground for toddlers:

Age-Appropriate Equipment

Outdoor playground equipment specifically for children under the age of five should be created for them. It should appeal to all of their senses while still being welcoming and secure. It shouldn’t rely on kids climbing high or participating in activities that are too complicated or tough for them. Outdoor playground equipment for preschool with animal themes, vivid colors, nature themes, and amusing sounds may entertain children while also assisting them in learning.

Shade and surfacing

Surfacing is vital in toddler playgrounds since children of this age might easily lose their balance. For their safety aspects, loose-fill, pour-in-place surfacing, and various other solutions are all important to consider. Shade can also be a significant design element, allowing you to protect toddlers from the dangers of prolonged direct sunlight while they play, as well as playground equipment for preschools that gets too hot to handle.

Equipment that Follows Safety Standards

Falling and injuries to toddlers can be catastrophic, which is why it’s important to select early childhood playground equipment that meets or exceeds local safety regulations. Look for fun games to play with family that follows safety standards and rules established by well-known organizations, depending on where you reside.

Monitoring of kids

Because young children have not yet learned all about safety, early childhood playgrounds require extra monitoring. By making it easy for grownups to sit nearby, site furnishings like picnic tables and seats can encourage parents to observe more closely. When planning your playground, ensure that each piece of equipment is observable from places where caretakers are likely to sit, so that parents can keep a close eye on the kids at all times.


Toddlers grow at different paces, so it’s essential that they all feel involved in the inclusive play. When designing an inclusive playground, make sure that each piece of childcare playground equipment is accessible to children of varying mobility and social skills. Include some activities that occur on the ground as well as others that occur at a higher elevation.

Playground Design Resources 

Creative Recreational Systems has prepared guides to assist you in selecting outdoor play equipment for preschool children. Our Inclusive Design Guide was prepared by childhood development and playground professionals and covers all aspects of inclusive playground design, so you’ll know how to make play enjoyable for all children on your playground. It gives a step-by-step playground solution to daycare playground equipment design and includes practical phases to take you through the planning and implementation of your play area.

How to Raise Money for New, Affordable Preschool Playground Equipment?

Budgeting for preschool playground equipment is something to think about. If that’s the case, fundraising can help you raise the funds you need while also encouraging your community to recognize the value of a new playground. There are other ways to raise money, including walk-a-thons, play-a-thons, and auctions. We’ve compiled a list of innovative fundraising ideas to get the cash flowing for your play space!

Creative Recreational Systems has financing solutions if you need more than just collecting funds to develop the affordable preschool playground equipment of your dreams. Leasing allows you to pay for your playground over time while creating a high-quality play environment. Building and paying for your playground in phases is possible using phasing. The playground you’ve always wanted might be built in as little as two or three stages!

Equipment for Preschool Playgrounds: For Children Ages 5 and Under

Our preschool playground equipment caters to the development of emotional, cognitive, and gross motor skills in preschoolers, as well as promotes co-located and collaborative play. Discover how our cognitively optimal, ecological, and inclusive playground safety settings may improve your space by looking at our toddler playgrounds.

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