Custom Poly Mailer Bags- How to Use Them for Branding

Custom bags can bring out the best for businesses. Customizing shipping bags is the new tactic for retail stores to market themselves.  There has been a rapid growth in online shopping in past few years and hence the competition has risen. It has created a growing concern among retailers to set themselves apart and make a unique identity. While there are a lot of marketing techniques out there, some of them turn out to be costly. Hence, custom poly mailer bags. They are effective, cheap, and high in trend. We’ll tell you why they are so popular and why you should also use them. 

Features that make custom poly mailers a big sought-after product

  • Easy to customize. Poly mailers are easy to customize and offer enough space to print messages, logo and company name, or any additional details. 
  • Cheap. Businesses look for methods that do not imbalance their budget. Marketing and advertising can be expensive. Marketing through custom poly mailer bags is cheaper and effective. 
  • Impressive. The first thing that businesses want is to attract their customers. Custom poly mailers do the job for them. They are attractive, colorful, and have impressive graphics. Customers also like to store the bags for further use. 
  • Safety. Poly mailer bags provide rigorous protection to products. They remain protected against rain or heat and even other environmental conditions during shipping. 

Here’s how to make the most out of them

  1. Try a matte finish for a more supple feel

Your mailer’s texture is an important consideration. Matte mailers, with their softer, more subdued appearance, are an excellent choice for brands selling super-soft or delicate products, such as swimsuits. Glossy mailers are more eye-catching and, thanks to the additional coating, a little more durable.

  1. Engage with others

When it comes to making a statement, the glossy finish is often the go-to choice for many companies. So when it comes to custom poly mailer bags, they want to take their online voice offline and remind customers what they stand for. It’s never a bad idea to let people know where they can find you online while also creating an offline network for yourself.

  1. Your pattern can be reversed

When you close the adhesive flap on your mailer, a portion of the back will be visible. On the back of the mailer, you can use graphics with a repeating pattern to give the signature front some variety.

  1. Make an attempt with some metallics

When you choose metallic poly mailer bags, you don’t need to go overboard with the design. A silver metalized film is used in the mailers of certain well-known labels to transport their clothing.

  1. Put your logo in the background

If you’re going for an all-natural look with wood textures, your logo should be placed on a little tab at the bottom of the design.

  1. Embrace the road ahead and enjoy the experience

Your mailer tells a portion of your product’s narrative to the public. Use historical postal icons to help clients identify where their delivery originated.

  1. A label should be included

Consider utilizing your custom poly mailer bags as a background for an eye-catching label on your package. There are several ways to incorporate the brand’s identity into the designs without going over the top.

  1. Stick a decal on it

Stickers (or a sticker-like design) are a fun way to add a callout to your mailer. For a social campaign or a promotion, this would be ideal.

Use these techniques to make the best use of your custom poly mailer bags. 

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