How to Renew Contractors Licenses and Georgia Contractor Exam Prep

If the time for your contractor renewal is drawing, contact Rockcert for the training and guidance. While finance and business exams are challenging to most contractors, our Georgia Contractor Exam Prep is customized to ensure you pass by the first attempt. 14 hours of continuing education is needed before license renewal. Florida demands contractors renew their licenses after every two years.

Renewals are due in August every two years and they keep alternating depending if one has a registered or e certified license. Talk to RocketCert for all your license renewal demands and you will be assured of smooth sailing and have your license renewed. You will be amazed by our professional customer care and the diversity of our resources. Besides, we offer all contractors who come to us a reliable database of references to use during their license renewal.

Continuing Education For Electrician Contractors

Just like all other contractors in the State of Georgia, electricians holding contractors’ licenses are needed to renew their license every 2 years. To achieve this, they are required to undergo 8 hours of continuing education from approved centers. Each year they are required to take 4 hours of education. 

However, if you are a new contractor, you are not mandated to undergo the 8 hours of continuing education. But if you have held your license for 1 year, then 0nly 4 hours of training is required.

The renewal process should not give you a headache if you settle to work with Rockcert. We have a history of assisting all classes of contractors in the state of Georgia to renew their licenses. 

Our experience helps us to answer every question posed to us by our clients. Thus, all contractors holding an electrician license should contact us and we shall walk with you on the journey to license renewal.

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How To Renew a Contractors Electrician License in Georgia

The state of Georgia mandates all electricians holding a contractor’s license renew it every two years. 8 hours of continuing education is required before submitting a request for license renewal in the state of Georgia.

At Rockcert we offer the best continuing education packages both in written and narrated formats. For years, we have assisted hundreds of contractors to get their licenses renewed. Besides, our prices are unbeatable. 

Here is what is needed for contractors to get their licenses renewed.

Enroll in an approved center offering continuing education: Rockcert offers you reliable education both online and in classes. Besides, our materials can be accessed for the rest of your life.

Complete 8 hours of training: Rockcert offers contractors self-paced packages to ensure you complete the training at your own pace and can be accessed from any device 24/7.

Get your certificate: After you are done with your training, download, and print the certificate of completion.

License Renewal: The last step is submitting your request for license renewal on the PLW website. After this, you will receive a reply via mail 8 weeks before the renewal deadline.

Contact Rockercert for the best continuing education packages and other supporting services.

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