How to Change DNS Server on MAC

How to Change DNS Server on MAC
Change DNS Server on MAC

DNS represents the Domain Name System. It is an interpretation administration that changes over a space name to an Ip address. DNS server is an execution of DNS, Best Ways to Change DNS Server on Mac At whatever point you attempt to visit any URL, then, at that point, the program demands the IP address of that URL from the DNS server given by your ISP, and the DNS Server because of this solicitation sends the comparing IP address.

What is DNS?

Each site, when it’s made and associated with the web, given an IP address. This is the sort of thing like a structure’s road address and is comprised of a progression of numbers.

To make their sites simpler for individuals to recall, however, site holders additionally give their locales’ names, as DNS servers associate these names to the site’s unique IP address to open it up on your PC.

Why You Should Change Your DNS?

Here and there the DNS server given by ISP isn’t so much good. They probably won’t have appropriate storing designed which might bring about a sluggish association. Assuming that a few sites are not available on your organization then, at that point, changing your DNS may take care of your concern. Some DNS specialist co-op gives you the usefulness to impede specific sites on your organization so changing your DNS to such specialist organizations can give you more command over your organization.

Change Your DNS Servers on Mac

There are two methods for changing your DNS server:

  • Change the DNS server of the total organization.
  • Change the DNS server of a particular gadget.

Changing Your Mac’s DNS Servers

1. Go to the Apple menu and select “Framework Preferences”.

2. Pick the “Organization” control board

3. Select your organization interface from the left side (“Wi-Fi” or “Ethernet” for instance),

4. Click the “Progressed” button in the lower right corner of the Network window.

5. Pick the “DNS” tab at the highest point of the screen to alter, add, or eliminate DNS

  • Add another DNS server: click on the [+] in addition to fasten.
  • Alter a current DNS server: click two times on the DNS IP address you wish to change.
  • Destroy a DNS server: select a DNS server IP address and later click either the [-] measlier regulator or hit the obliterate key.

6. At the point when completed the process of making changes to the DNS settings, click on the “Alright” button.

7. Presently click on “Apply” for the DNS changes to produce results, close out of System Preferences.

The highest DNS servers gotten to first, so you’ll need to put the best performing servers close to the first spot on the list for the best outcomes.

In the screen capture models above, Google DNS servers ( and are put over the OpenDNS servers, the two of which are quicker than ISP-gave DNS servers.

That is it! You’ve changed your Mac’s DNS servers!

Change Mac OS X DNS Servers from the Command Prompt

I oftentimes need to change the DNS servers I use on my Mac and it tends to be a serious tangled interaction to change them up utilizing the GUI settings. This post shows how rapidly you can change between DNS server settings from the order line utilizing the terminal.

Change DNS Using the Network Setup Command-Prompt Tool on OS X

Suppose, for instance, you want to switch DNS servers between a nearby DNS server:


also the Google public DNS servers:


Sadly, it’s not quite so straightforward as basically over-composing the/and so on/resolve.conf document with the new DNS settings; the framework settings and order line device displayed in this post will refresh that record, however, the settings are put away elsewhere as well and applications don’t, for the most part, utilize the resolve.conf data.

To change DNS settings from the order line, open up Terminal and run this to get a rundown of all the organization interfaces:

networksetup listallnetworkservices

This will return a rundown like this:

  • A reference mark (*) signifies that an organization administration is handicapped.
  • Bluetooth DUN
  • Ethernet
  • FireWire
  • Wi-Fi

Presently, you can design DNS for the fitting organization interface. For my situation, I need to refresh DNS for the “Wi-Fi” interface. To change the Change DNS Server on MAC to the neighborhood DNS server, do this:

sudo networksetup -setdnsservers Wi-Fi

When you are provoked for a secret phrase, it’s a similar secret phrase as utilized when you sign in to your Mac.

Note that assuming your client isn’t an administrator client then you will not have the option to do this and you will get the error message “[your login name] isn’t in the sudoers record. This episode accounted for.

To transform it to the Google public DNS servers, do this:

sudo networksetup – setdnsservers Wi-Fi

You can put as many (or as barely any) DNS servers in the rundown; essentially separate each with space as displayed in the second model above.

On your framework, change “Wi-Fi” in the models above to the real organization interface you need to arrange DNS for and change the IP locations to the DNS server(s) you wish to utilize.

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