CAPM Exam Prep – 10 Tips To Crack The CAPM Exam in 1st Attempt 

What is the CAPM EXAM about?

With the CAPM, applicants may demonstrate their comprehension of essential project management concepts, vocabulary, and processes. The CAPM is geared for people with less project experience.

How is the CAPM EXAM conducted?

The online exam is identical to the in-person version in terms of quality, questions, and even the presence of a live proctor when conducted on a secure platform and with tried-and-true exam delivery technologies.

You can take the test at any time of day or night because testing is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you’re ready to take the exam, all you need is:

  • A webcam-enabled computer
  • A steady stream of information from the internet
  • A place where you can relax for a few hours without interruption.

There is nothing in the way of you obtaining the certification you desire. You’ve worked hard for this. See how it works now.

How to prepare for CAPM EXAMS? 

1. Keep yourself from procrastinating by completing your tasks in a timely manner.

Procrastination was by far my largest difficulty. I began preparing for the exam even before I applied, purely as a precaution. Is this what you get? Without a goal in mind. As a result, I applied for and paid for the exam, which gave me a specific date. What was the result? It gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. There was no ambiguity left in anything. Prior to the exam, I had a deadline to complete my study materials. That was enough to deter me from putting things off any longer.

2. The CAPM Exam Outline should be reviewed.

In the test topic outline, you can see exactly how the exam will be divided down into sections. If a project scope management topic had an 11 percent weight that would mean that there would be 16.5 or 17 inquiries about it. While studying, it is a good idea to keep a copy of the exam outline close at hand. If you go through the portions both sequentially and randomly, you’ll be better able to see where your weaknesses lie.

3. Take mock examinations to get familiar with the material.

There are 150 questions in the CAPM test, and you have three hours to complete them all. That’s a total of 180 minutes, which works out to 72 seconds for each question, or 1.2 minutes per question. Don’t become complacent if you’ve taken this exam previously. It’s not your average college or institution. PMI is different. Despite the fact that you have a 25 percent probability of getting the correct answer, you’ll be sweating your hands off trying to figure it out. There are so many wonderful answers, you’re left with just a few words to choose from, and this is because the questions are so difficult.

Does CAPM have a starting point?

A passing score for the CAPM Certification test is not established. A success rate of 61%, on the other hand, is considered the magic number. Despite the fact that it isn’t verified, you should strive for a 70% success rate. In order to pass the CAPM test, it’s recommended that you get at least 61%.

How can I break CAPM in the first attempt?

1. It’s time to assess your degree of preparedness.

By Sprintzeal taking practice exams, you’ll be able to gauge your level of preparedness. When you finish the sample exam, you’ll get a sense of how far you’ve come and where you still have work to do. Start by assessing your degree of preparedness and schedule. You may pick a fictitious date and begin preparing for it here. It will give you a general concept of what to expect on the exam based on your individual preparation level for the CAPM exam.

2. Learn the CAPM test format thoroughly before making your last try.

Take a look at all the prior CAPM exam questions to see whether any of them are still relevant. Because the CAPM test for project management takes three hours to complete, it is imperative that you read each question attentively. Keep moving on if you’re not sure about the solution. Don’t dwell on your mistake; move on to the next step. Your time management skills and attention to detail are critical.

3. Focus on what you’re good at and what you’re not.

Your strengths and weaknesses become more apparent after a few tries at the CAPM test. In other words, pay special attention to the questions that are causing you the most concern or uncertainty. Using formulae and patterns, practice them again and over again. Attempt additional challenging questions after completing this one. Practicing more difficult questions can help you build up your confidence. So, based on your prior knowledge, experience, and intentions, you can make an informed decision.

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