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In case you are a businessman who often deals with presentations, we recommend that you install the following apps on your smartphone. Who knows, maybe someday it will decide the outcome of your business negotiations or even an entire project?

Imagine that you are going to an international business meeting to present an important project to your potential investor, but you, unfortunately, forgot to take your presentation. What to do? That’s right, you can create it again if you have the necessary software at hand. 

Modern apps on your smartphone enable your business to be mobile. For example, today you can book a luxury Manchester car hire for your business trip. All you need to do is download the necessary car hire application and install it on your smartphone. Such applications will compare all available deals and allow you to choose the best car hire wherever you need. However, modern technology will help your business in other ways as well.

Google Slides 

Together with PowerPoint, it’s one of the most popular presentation services. You only need a Google account to get started. The service works on absolutely any platform, including Windows, Chrome, Android, and iOS. 

In order to work with Google Slides, you don’t even need to install the application, but start working directly in your browser if you have a network connection. The application is absolutely free, it has no ads, and the interface is so simple that you can easily create a presentation even without special skills. 

The service synchronizes with your Google account and saves files in the cloud storage. Thus, you can access them from any device. Google Slides allows you to work on a project with colleagues and save finished presentations in PowerPoint format. You can also edit or save projects offline. 

Why use Google Slides?

  • The app is free 
  • No ads 
  • Saving files to cloud storage 
  • Simple interface
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Prezi Viewer 

It’s a popular application that allows you to create non-linear presentations. While other solutions suggest alternating slides with the desired information, then Prezi Viewer creates a single image, divided into parts that zoom in or out during the presentation. 

The approach of each fragment can be accompanied by animation. Plus, you may use diagrams, images, photographs, text, etc. for a more visual presentation of the material. In general, such a presentation looks very unusual and interesting, and also makes it possible to present information in a more structurally convenient way. From your smartphone, you can send a link to the presentation to friends or leave comments on collective projects as well. 

Why use Prezi Viewer?

  • Lots of useful tools 
  • Clear interface 
  • Project collaboration support
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Zoho Show 

Zoho Show is a personal application that lets you create presentations, edit PowerPoint files, collaborate on projects, and manage your slideshow from your smartphone. The interface of the app is pretty basic, while the toolbox is impressive. 

Zoho Show supports working on a project offline and synchronizes the results when connected to the Internet. 

Why use the Zoho Show?

  • Simple interface 
  • Wide range of tools 
  • Project collaboration support
  • Free to use
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Microsoft PowerPoint 

This application is the most popular presentation software. PowerPoint has a nice interface and a wide range of features, which are enough to create both a simple slide show and a high-quality business presentation. The functionality of the mobile version of the app is almost as good as that on a PC. 

You can edit the finished presentation, work on a project with colleagues, as well as use a variety of fonts, tables, charts, backgrounds, templates, and graphs. PowerPoint also allows you to insert photos, images, and videos into your presentation. Plus, there’s the ability to sync with Office 365 and OneDrive to access content stored in the cloud. 

The interface is not very simple, but of course, it’s impossible to make it simpler with such a huge variety of functions. On the other hand, the application is suitable for creating any presentations, and its functionality will satisfy even the most demanding customer. 

Why use Microsoft PowerPoint?

  • A wide set of tools 
  • Collective project work support 
  • Suitable for Windows, macOS, web, Android, and iOS 
  • Sync with Office 365 and OneDrive
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This is an application that allows you to create presentations, and also various postcards, covers, business cards, etc. A wide range of tools and a clear interface make working with the application simple and convenient, while a package of stock photos, many fonts, and effects allow you to create presentations of any difficulty. 

You can download the application for free, but you’ll have very limited functionality in this case. A database of images, fonts, and styles becomes available with the purchase of Canva Pro, which costs approximately $10 per month. You can also purchase a Canva for Work for about $30 per month. It provides many additional benefits, including the ability to work on projects with colleagues. 

Why use Canva?

  • Huge set of tools 
  • Simple interface 
  • Guides for beginners

Well, if you need to make a presentation and don’t have a PC at hand, then don’t worry. One of the aforementioned apps will help you create a presentation using your smartphone. However, check the complexity of the project first to determine which application is right for you. 

Want to create a short business presentation? Your best bets are Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. Prezi Viewer or Zoho Show will help you prepare a large project with a unique design. If you want to create a complex presentation with tons of effects, animations, videos, graphs, charts, and more, take advantage of Microsoft PowerPoint or Canva. 

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