Best IFB Washing Machines in Different Price Segments

A native brand excelling in terms of quality and affordability in the marketplace is IFB. If you buy an IFB washing machine, you will not only purchase a machine that gives you the latest technology, but also an effective wash that is quick and takes care of your fabrics. Right now, IFB is one of the leaders in front-loading models, with a whopping 40% market share. 

Although established in 1974 as a company involved in the creation of engineering tools, it branched out into the consumer segment of appliances with success.

In 1991, it made its entrance into the segment of washing machines. When the brand made its first appearance as a washing machine maker, it partnered with Bosch and Siemens, and a lot of its popularity and reputation developed due to this. 

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Features in IFB Washing Machines

While shopping for a washing machine, price-conscious consumers will always want the best bang for their buck. Rest assured, IFB gives consumers this by constantly bringing innovation to machine washing capabilities.

The brand has unveiled its Smart Loaders’ which are better at overall washing than conventional washing machines. For instance, these machines can determine which clothes are extremely soiled and focus on washing those vigorously. 

Apart from this, smart washers tackle minute dirt and grime, such as pet hair embedded in clothes, and clean them thoroughly. With smart technology, these machines are fully automatic top load or front load appliances with a five-star energy rating. They also give your clothes a rapid wash while saving water. 

Moreover, a wide range of washing styles from steam washing to air bubble washing gives clothes superior cleaning without wear and tear. IFB machines are durable and rarely have issues, even after years of use. 

Great Washing Machines at Affordable Prices

With washing machines in varied price segments, you don’t have to think of any compromise when you buy an IFB washing machine as each machine gives you a premium washing performance. Here are some of the best washers from IFB.

  • IFB Diva Aqua SX Washing Machine – This 6 kg front loading machine comes in an average size, with an Aqua Energie system that has the ability to soften water in case you are in a hard water area. Priced less than 27,000 INR, this is worth the price as you get features like an in-built heater, anti-allergy technology and an option to add clothes to the wash cycle just by hitting a pause button. 

The Cradle Wash technology is one more feature that gives delicate fabrics the care they need. With the environment in mind, the Ball Valve technology saves water by keeping detergent in and using just enough water for rinsing. 

  • IFB TL 705DGH Washing Machine – In a 7 kg top load model, you won’t get a better washing machine than this. Costing less than 22,000 INR, you get a top-class machine with features like the Triadic Pulsator that uses soft pads to scrub stubborn dirt, while being gentle on the clothes. 

The powerful Swirl Jet mechanism removes dirt from all places of the fabric and the Mechanical Punch dislodge grime from clothes. With three different systems at play to give clothes a vigorous wash, you are sure to be satisfied with this superior machine that comes with 8 wash cycles and an in-built heater. 

  • IFB TL REW Aqua Washing Machine – Without an in-built heater, this washing machine price shouldn’t put you off as being inferior in any way. In fact, for less than 20,000 INR, you get a 6.5 kg fully automatic slim top loading machine with all the advantages thrown in. 

The machine comes with a Tower Lint filter that keeps your tub clean and collects lint from your clothes. Among other features, Aqua Energie softens water and ensures a thorough wash, while the triadic pulsator technology is tough on stains and careful with garments. The delicate clothes come out sparkling clean due to the bi-axial rotation that washes clothes from every angle. 

  • IFB Senator WXS Washing Machine – One of the premium washers in the IFB family of front loaders, this machine costs a little over 40,000 INR and is superb for a large family. With a standard of durability that is unmatched and superior technology powering it, this is a good investment. 

Among the top features, you get a cool touch LED panel, which displays a selection of wash cycles and handling operations, and a distinctive four-dimensional wash system that involves the use of dynamic jets of water and paddles for washing or soaking. 

Convenience is at your fingertips with this IFB washing machine, as you can preset wash cycles for regular wash loads and the Repeat Cycle feature lets you use the same setting without having to make full adjustments all over again. Besides all this, you get all the current advancements that IFB has to offer like drum cleaning, heating, and a five-star energy rating. 

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